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Few events in a person's life require a major celebration as much as a loved one's 100th birthday.

Being a century old is such a rare milestone that you'll want to gather family and friends, as well as people such as physicians and caregivers who are now important to the guest of honor, to mark the occasion.

Here are some ideas that will make your 100th birthday party as impressive as the birthday itself.

100th birthday party invitations

Set the tone of your 100th birthday party with invitations.

Use plain cardstock or invitation stock as the base of your invitation.

  • On the front of the card make a list of five to ten events found on the Internet that happened during the year your guest of honor (GOH) was born.
  • Make sure the last thing on your list is: (Name) was born on (birthday).

Use clip art to make up a mock newspaper with the headline listing that your GOH was born.

  • Write up silly or funny stories about how and where the birth took place
  • How nervous the father was
  • What the siblings thought about the new arrival and so forth.
  • Include a "Prediction Announcement" noting that 100 years from his/her birth a great celebration would take place and use that to list your party particulars.

Ask guests to write up a wish or a memory of the GOH that can be put into a scrapbook for him or her.

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100th birthday party decorating ideas

String a clothesline or ribbon around the party room. Then hang enlarged photos of the GOH at various stages in their life, along with photos of all of the relatives you can gather and any photos of significant events you can find on the Internet, such as

  • the Hindenburg
  • first space flight
  • the Concord
  • the moon landing
  • various car styles
  • Berlin wall
  • major motion pictures, etc.)

This will serve as décor and a fun activity as guests wander around looking at the photos.

Use a large poster board and create a giant family tree listing all of the GOH's relatives. After the party, have the poster framed and given to the guest of honor. Smaller one-sheet versions of the tree can be made to give to guests as party favors.

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100th birthday party games and activities

You can't have a 100th birthday party without a few games!

  1. Put together a trivia game about your GOH's life (where they went to school, profession(s), names of siblings, etc.) and/or general historical facts from the previous century. Make it a multiple choice game and keep it to no more than 10 questions so the guests won't think it's a history test.
  2. Set up an obstacle course around chairs, tables and so forth that the younger guests have to navigate while trying to carry a hardboiled egg on a spoon to deliver to the GOH. The one who completes the route in the fastest time wins.
  3. Music and dancing should definitely be a part of this celebration. Seat your GOH nearby or even on the dance floor so guests can dance with and around him or her.
  4. Print out the lyrics to some truly golden oldies for your guests that your GOH will remember and host a sing-along.
  5. Invite close family members to make a toast or recall a funny or important memory of the GOH. Record this and all of the activities on video so your birthday honoree can watch the day unfold again and again. Give family members copies for their archives as well.

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100th birthday party food ideas

If this is a large party, ask close relatives to bring a favorite dish for the party that the GOH enjoys. This will not only save you time and money, but it will allow other family members to play a significant part in the celebration.

If the event is being catered, you may want to choose a menu based on the guest of honor's heritage or favorite foods. Just be sure to order some simple menu items as well in case there are small children in attendance, or if your GOH or other elderly guests have dietary restrictions.

Find or make some old-fashioned treats that the GOH may have enjoyed in their youth.

Set up an ice cream/frozen yogurt/gelato bar with all of the toppings. Be sure to include some non-fat and sugar free varieties so all of the guests can partake in the sweet treats.

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100th birthday party cake

Make your GOH's favorite cake recipe in a 13" x 9" cake pan and two round cake pans. Cut the number 1 out of the long cake pan and size it to the round cakes, frost and lay out on a pretty tray to spell out 100.

Most bakeries can take an image and enlarge it into an edible cake design. Replace Benjamin Franklin's face on a $100 bill with your GOH's photo. Enlarge and scan or photocopy the image and take it to your bakery to have it replicated into a cake design.

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