1970s party ideas

Throwing a 1970s birthday party can be really groovy. Invite your guests to a far-out party with, you know, fab funk and amazing eats. Do them a solid with swell decorations, sweet games, and funky food! Oh, and brush up on your 70s slang beforehand!

1970s party invitations

Party invitations that reflect the 1970s should really evoke the feeling of the era. Tie-dyed paper can be found in craft stores and makes a great background.

Cut out some silhouettes of bell-bottom clad disco dancers from black paper for the front of the card. Not very artistic? Print out some iconic images from the 70s, like Farrah Fawcett or Fonzi from Happy Days. Inside, you can write “Don’t be a jive turkey! Come celebrate!”

Another invitation idea is to create a disco ball on the front of the invitation with the words “Ready to Shake-Shake-Shake Your Booty?” (to quote the KC and the Sunshine Band).

If you can’t find disco ball stickers, use small pieces of foil or reflective craft paper to create one. Inside the card, use more 70s song quotes: “Escape The Living Years and Drive One More Night for Good Times and Boogie Fever. I’ll Be There and I don’t want to be All By Myself. Won’t you join us?”

Bold and italicized words are all song titles of #1 hits from the 1970s! Embellish with stickers of records and music notes.

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1970s party decorations

The 1970s were known for Tupperware, so be sure to use it for serving goodies! Try incorporating “Love is…”, a popular 70s cartoon into the décor, or consider using images from Archie comics.

Rainbows, flower power, and smiley faces were very popular as well. And don’t forget the disco ball!

Load the playlist with Elton John, the Village People, Donna Summer, and the Jackson Five for some groovy listening. Lists of popular hits of the 70s may be found online.

Pop art images make great decorations. Print them out and hang them up around the room.

Black Lights and lava lamps illuminating bean bag chairs and beaded doorways will bring folks right into the heart of the 1970s.

Burn incense to provide atmosphere. Scatter copies of vintage magazines – eBay is a great resource – on the tables. Provide Mood Rings and Pet Rocks as party favors for each guest.

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cake fit for a 1970s party

How about a Pong cake? The classic video game could be represented by a dark rectangle (the screen was black, but dark chocolate can replace the food coloring) with a dotted line down the middle, two long “paddles” and a small square “ball”.

The score was recorded in digital numbers. A Google image search for Pong will provide a good photo to work from. Be sure to use the guest of honor's age (example, 5 and 4 for 54) as the score!

Not into video games? Try to reflect Andy Warhol’s famous pop art.

His “Flowers” pieces were a series of brightly colored poppy-like flowers on a darker background.

Use dark chocolate frosting for the base. Next, with a knife, streak purple or yellow through the chocolate for the grass. Flowers may be piped on or created from marzipan or fondant.

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1970s party games

Collect 70s trivia facts online for a team trivia challenge. Include pictures or video clips of classic television shows from the era for a twist. You can burn compilation CDs of disco hits to use as prizes.

Grab some Twister boards and give the classic game a try. Other games popular in the era were Trouble, Cootie, Life, and Yahtzee.

Dancing was HUGE! Think Saturday Night Fever! Have a disco contest – see who can do the Hustle!
Play Guess the Song with 70s lyrics. Gather the lyrics to several popular 70s hits. Put a few lines from each song on individual index cards. Take turns trying to identify the song and artist.

Name that Teen Idol! Print pictures of popular teen idols like David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, The Brady Bunch, Rick Springfield, Shaun Cassidy, or the Bay City Rollers.

Take turns identifying the musicians and naming their hits. See who can recognize the most and remember the most songs.

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1970s party food ideas

Fondue was a huge 70s hit. Find some classic recipes and offer both sweet and savory varieties.

Pringle Potato Chips and Fritos with French Onion Soup made from Lipton soup mix and sour cream is a tasty 70s-style snack.

You can offer Deviled eggs and bacon-wrapped water chestnuts as well.

The classic Watergate Salad recipe can be found online. Hamburger Helper was popular, as were Buffalo wings. The 7 Layer Taco Dip was another big hit, and if you are brave, meatballs in grape jelly.

Classic cocktails that were popular in the 70s include the Harvey Wallbanger, Brandy Alexander, Pink Lady, Rusty Nail, Salty Dogs, and the Grasshopper. Cold Duck, a very sweet sparkling wine was totally cool to serve.

Don’t forget the pineapple ambrosia and wacky cake! And no 70s party would be complete without Pop Rocks and other 70s candy...

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