Planning a First Birthday Party? Use These Great 1st Birthday Party Ideas!

A first birthday is one of the biggest landmarks in your child's life. And while they might not remember the day, you can be sure that those adults close to your child will never forget it.

Whether you plan a small party or large gathering, here are some fun ideas to make the celebration even more memorable.

Why choose a 1st birthday party theme? You can simply go with "number one" as your theme, and many of the products available take that route. Or you can be more creative and theme the day to a tea party, safari animals, rubber duckies, Sesame Street, Disney, or farmyard.

First Birthday party ideas for Invitations

Use cardstock or plain invitation stock to make your invitation. Use finger paint to make prints of your baby's hand or foot for the front of your invitations. Or, scan in a baby picture of your child for the outside front cover and a current photo of the birthday toddler on the inside front cover. Then insert your party details on the inside page.

In an invitation style of your choice, print "See how much I've grown" on the invitation. Then take a roll of cash register or adding machine paper and use a tape measure to mark down the baby's length at birth, and the toddler's first birthday height. Fold and attach these strips to the inside of the invitation so they unfold when the invitation is opened.

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1st Birthday party ideas for Decorations

You have lots of options for 1st birthday party ideas for decorating (colors, animals, toys, books, cartoon characters, etc.), but for this party, we're going to use the numeral 1 as the inspiration.

Use your computer to write the number 1 in numerous fonts, sizes and colors. Cut out the shapes and decorate your space by affixing the numbers to your walls and suspend the numbers from the ceiling with sewing thread and straight pins so you won't leave visible holes.

Make adorable centerpieces by cutting small boxes in the shape of a number 1 with a craft knife. Cover in paper or spray paint in primary colors. Use the box to hide your balloon weight from which you've suspended Mylar balloons in the shape of a number 1.

Take a favorite photo of your one-year-old and have it photocopied or scanned onto labels. Cut out the image and affix it to the center of a colored paper plate. Top the paper plate with a clear plastic plate for completely personalized and safe serving ware.

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1st Birthday party ideas for Cake

Try these great 1st birthday party ideas for decorating the cake!

Use a 13" x 9" cake pan to bake the cake of your choice and then cut out the shape of a number 1. Frost and decorate to match your birthday colors.

Then buy new building blocks to spell out the birthday child's name, or pipe in your child's name in building block shapes and letters with multi-colored tubes of royal icing. Another option would be to spell out your child's name in Fruit Loops for color and crunch.

Make mini cupcakes. Decorate them with icing in assorted flavors/colors, add sprinkles and so forth. Then form them into the shape of a number 1 on a tray or covered board to serve.

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1ST Birthday Party ideas for Food

Since a baby's first birthday party shouldn't last more than an hour or two (and it should be done in-between naps), there's no need to get elaborate with your menu.

Here are some snack suggestions that will please both the small fry and adults alike.

  •     Bite-sized fruit
  •     Small ice cream or frozen yogurt cups
  •     Baby carrots
  •     Baby corn
  •     Chicken nuggets
  •     Cheese cubes
  •     Soft pretzels
  •     Cocktail franks or hot dogs cut into bite-sized pieces
  •     Animal crackers
  •     Cookies cut into the shape of a 1 with a cookie cutter
  •     Small cups filled with dried cereal
  •     Juice boxes
  •     Finger sandwiches cut into a 1 shape with a cookie cutter
  •     Jell-O cut into fun shapes with candy cutters or slice pieces in the shape of the number 1 with a small cookie cutter
  •     Mini pizza bagels
  •     Mini muffins

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1st Birthday Party ideas for Games

Here are few 1st birthday party ideas for games you may like to try.

Attach a large foam finger to the back of a chair so the finger is sitting above the chair's back. Then have guests try to toss rings onto the pointed #1 finger.

Buy ten plastic baby bottles. Fill with rice or beans for stability. Set them up in a 10-pin formation and have older children and adult guests roll balls to try to knock down the bottles.

Take instant photos of each guest with the birthday boy or girl. Then attach the photo to a sheet of paper and asks guests to write a wish for your baby next to their photo. These can later be inserted into a photo album. (Take two photos so you can give one to each guest as a party favor.)

Cut different shapes into a box and then cut dry sponges into similar shapes (square, round, rectangle, etc.) and have the younger guests try to fit the shapes into the correct holes.

Have a baby race with categories for new walkers and crawlers. Line the kids up at one end of the "track" and place a toy or a parent at the finish line. While the other guests cheer them on, have the children race to reach their parent or toy. The first child to reach the finish line wins a prize.

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A First Birthday Party Should Be a Relaxed Time For Everybody

Apart from the odd tantrum from the guest of honor, you should not be worried about baby's first birthday. Take lots of pictures and video, and don't try to direct things too much. The memories will speak for themselves.

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