An easy 30th Birthday cake concept

Amusing gift idea: Over The Hill coffin gift set!Turning 30 is an important time in an individual's life. As this is a special birthday, those who turn 30 often have parties thrown in their honor.

If you are planning a 30th birthday party for a loved one, the following will provide some helpful tips to plan a party which will never be forgotten!

Creating a 30th Birthday cake

Let's face it. No birthday party would be a celebration without a birthday cake. You want to choose a cake which is not only aesthetically pleasing but tasty as well. Don't overlook the easy option! Add a big "30" on top of the cake, along with the birthday guy or girl's name. Or bake two round cakes, cut one into a "3" shape and put them side by side.

In addition, try to make the cake maintain the same theme as the overall birthday party, if you have chosen a theme, as this will really bring the whole party together perfectly. 

Whether you buy the cake or make it yourself, choose colors and designs which match the 30th birthday party theme and choose a favorite type of cake which the birthday celebrant loves!

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30th Birthday party ideas: how-to guide

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