30th birthday ideas start here!

Turning 30 is an important time in a person's life. Show someone how much you care by throwing a 30th Birthday Bash to remember! Our 30th birthday ideas make throwing a party fun and easy.

If you are planning a 30th birthday party for a pal, these tips will help you throw a party that will never be forgotten!

30th birthday ideas on who to invite

Obviously there is only one truly important person and that's the birthday boy or girl. Begin with them and think of who are the key members of their circle of friends and family, not forgetting people who may have moved away: often friends will travel for big occasions like these.

Don't overlook any sports teams, clubs or old college friends when making the guest list. Contact their spouse, partner or best friend for help with this aspect of your organizing if it's going to be a surprise party!

30th birthday Ideas for invitations

The first step to planning a 30th birthday party is to choose a birthday invitation which will highlight the fun to be had by all at the party.

One invitation idea for you to consider is to send out a picture invitation with a photo of the birthday girl or guy on the front. The picture can be sentimental, funny or simply a lovely photo of the guest of honor.

The invitation can be made out of construction paper or colored card stock; the script can be created by using a metallic pen purchased at any local stationary store. When creating the invitations, make sure to include an eye-catching saying in addition to the time, date and location of the party.

We've found some excellent 30th birthday invitations at Amazon.com. Check them out if you don't feel confident enough (or don't have the time) to make your own.

30th birthday ideas for decorations

When you are planning a party, the decorations which you choose can either make it or break it. Choosing the right decor will portray a festive atmosphere and pull the entire 30th birthday party together.

As you start planning the 30th birthday decorations, try to use a theme which is near and dear to the guest of honor's heart.

For example, if the guest of honor likes flowers, you can make floral decorations out of tissue paper and put vases of fresh flowers on every table in the room.

Or if a particular sports team is dear to the person, decorate in the colors of the team and put up decorations reflecting the team name.

Decorating with the birthday guy or girl in mind shows you put in a lot of effort to make things just right.

We've found some superb picks for you on Amazon.com. All these accessories will help to set the mood. Of course, if you're doing a theme like flowers or sports, you'll need to search Amazon.com yourself for items which fit your concept.

30th birthday ideas for cakes

Let's face it. No birthday party would be a celebration without a birthday cake. You want to choose a cake which is not only aesthetically pleasing but tasty as well.Try these great 30th birthday ideas for cake!

Don't overlook the easy option! Add a big "30" on top of the cake, along with the birthday guy or girl's name. Or bake two round cakes, cut one into a "3" shape and put them side by side.

In addition, try to make the cake maintain the same theme as the overall birthday party, if you have chosen a theme, as this will really bring the whole party together perfectly.

Whether you buy the cake or make it yourself, choose colors and designs which match the 30th birthday party theme and choose a favorite type of cake which the birthday celebrant loves!

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30th birthday ideas for gifts

You might know the birthday guy or gal very well, but sometimes choosing a gift can be hard! Here are some suggestions from Amazon.com to help you get started on your search for the perfect 30th Birthday Party gift. 

30th birthday ideas for party food

When you plan the 30th birthday party menu, it is important to consider the number of guests who will be attending the party and the seating arrangements at the party location.

If the party location is large and there will be places for everyone to sit, then you can consider serving a sit-down meal for the partygoers. On the other hand, if space is limited and there will be a large number of people attending, then finger food is best.

For meal ideas, you can serve large pasta plates such as lasagna, stuffed shells or manicotti with salad and rolls. If you will be offering finger foods, items such as mini quiches, Buffalo wings, spinach filo dough wraps, Swedish meatballs and a cold cut platter will all make great finger foods for guests to enjoy.

As for beverages, come up with a signature 30th birthday party drink, like the 30-tini, or simply offer some great seasonal beers for guests to drink. Again, should the birthday guy or girl have any favorite foods or drinks, be sure to include them on the menu.

Some themed candy would be a great, fun gift idea. Consider the 1980s retro candy basket from Amazon.com (pictured top right) -- not only will the guest of honor remember the 80s candy, but older friends and relatives will recognize a lot of the enduring brands from their youth, too!

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30th birthday ideas for games

Get the party rocking with great games.

Birthday party games provide a great way to entertain guests and give the party a fun atmosphere. Adding a personal touch can help.

For a 30th birthday party game, make up a list of questions relating to the birthday guy or gal and make enough copies to hand out to each guest. Ask questions which pertain to the guest of honor and the person who gets the most answers correct will win a prize.

You can have a few prizes for the game so that there is more than one winner.  Some prize ideas include a bottle of wine, gift cards, books or a candle/candle holder set.

Check out these printable 30th birthday party games!

Another game which you can play at the 30th birthday party is a trivia game of a different sort. Do some easy online research concerning the year in which the guest of honor was born.

Make up trivia questions which deal with topics which occurred during that year and see which guest knows the most about the special year. Again, hand out prizes to those who get the most answers correct.

If you are looking to play a regular party game which everyone loves, charades is always a good option. This really brings the partygoers together and gives everyone a good laugh while celebrating the birthday of their special friend or family member.

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