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Turning 30 is an important time in an individual's life. As this is a special birthday, those who turn 30 often have parties thrown in their honor.

If you are planning a 30th birthday party for a loved one, the following will provide some helpful tips to plan a party which will never be forgotten!

Decorating a 30th Birthday party

When you are planning a party, the decorations which you choose can either make it or break it. Choosing the right decor will portray a festive atmosphere and pull the entire 30th birthday party together.

As you start planning the 30th birthday decorations, try to use a theme which is near and dear to the guest of honor's heart.

For example, if the guest of honor likes flowers, you can make floral decorations out of tissue paper and put vases of fresh flowers on every table in the room. Or if a particular sports team is dear to the person, decorate in the colors of the team and put up decorations reflecting the team name. Decorating with the birthday guy or girl in mind will ensure that they know the party was specifically designed for them!

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30th Birthday party ideas: how-to guide

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