40th Birthday Retro Candy Gift Basket

by Pamela Laurenne Laserna

No matter how old a person is, he or she won't be able to resist a box of candies! Give the celebrant a gift reminiscent of their childhood with this 40th Birthday Gift Basket Box of Retro Candy.

The Retro 40th Birthday Gift box overflows with hordes of retro nostalgic candies: Atomic Fireballs, Gold Nugget Bubble Gum, BB Bat, Bit-O-Honey, Bottle Caps, Candy Buttons, Candy Cigarettes, Candy Lipstick, Candy Necklace, Charleston Chew, Chick-O-Stick, Chiclets, Chuckles, Coconut Long Boy, Dots, Doscher's French Chew Taffy, Dubble Bubble Gum, Fun Dip, Giant Taffy, Jr. Gobstoppers, Good & Plenty, Jujubes, Lemonheads, Licorice Pipe, Lotsa Fizz, Mary Jane, Necco Wafers, Now & Later, Pixy Stix, Pop Rocks, Razzles, Red Hots, Root Beer Barrel, Sixlets, Smarties, Sugar Daddy, Sweet Tarts, Tootsie Roll, Wax Lips, and Zotz.

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