awesome 60th birthday party ideas to get the party started

When we’re young, thinking about turning 60 sparks some measure of dread within us, but once that year has finally arrived, we realize it’s a time to celebrate the memories, family, and friends that we have gained throughout those six decades. Celebrate with a grand birthday party in style. Here are some awesome 60th birthday party ideas to get you started!

60th birthday party ideas for invitations

Invitations will set the tone for this 60th birthday celebration and it’s an opportunity to have some fun.

Use a play on words on the cover of the invitation, such as ‘Sixty is Nifty.’ It doesn’t have to be original or even clever, but what it should do is emphasize that this is a time to celebrate this wonderful milestone.

You can use a major news story from the year the person was born and a small caption such as, “Yes, and we had to walk to school barefoot, uphill, both ways …” Grab your guests attention with humor.

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60th birthday party ideas for decorations

Decorations will revolve around the theme that you choose. For this, consider keeping the mood light and humorous.

‘Over the Hill’-type themes can help lift the mood for a time, but is rather cliché. Try to be creative and original. 60th birthday party ideas you could consider:

  • Movie night – Decorate the room with images of the most popular movies from the birth year.
  • Bingo night – Set up the party like a Bingo hall and offer prizes to complement this special milestone.
  • Dinosaurs – If you want to have even more fun at the birthday person’s expense, create a prehistoric theme that’s sure to get your guests laughing.

The important facet of decorating is to remain consistent with the theme you’re aiming for. If you decide to go with a casino night, for example, then dinosaurs might not work as well as you would hope. It can be good for a laugh, though.

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60th birthday party ideas for the cake

Birthday cakes are a wonderful opportunity to highlight a person’s life and with technology today, pictures and other images can be created onto the cake in icing. How about:

  • Photos of the milestones in the person’s life, such as baby picture, graduation, wedding, and even grandchildren.
  • A list of events from their birth year.
  • The price of milk, or a movie.
  • Major events in history that occurred that year, and more.
  • A family portrait. Either find a family reunion portrait or get them all together and place this image on the birthday cake.

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60th birthday party ideas for games

Ah, the joy of games. Nothing brings back the youthful exuberance in people as much as games. Forget about age, this is the time to create a fun and memorable day, or evening for the honoree and his or her guests.

Here are a few 60th birthday party ideas for games you could play:

  • Casino night – Set up the room, or rooms, in the theme of a casino. Poker, roulette, blackjack, and even slot machines can bring people together like few other events can. For a twist on this night, have everyone bring their gifts unmarked and at the end of the games, the person with the most chips gets to choose which wrapped gift to give the guest of honor.
  • Bingo – A favorite of older generations, Bingo is almost always a safe ‘bet.’
  • Classic movie trivia – Take advantage of the honored guest’s age and see how many movies from their youth they can name. Also, movie stars are prime subjects for these kinds of games.
  • Baseball – If you have the space outdoors, you can set up a fun game a baseball. It doesn’t matter if people have never played the game; using a Wiffle ball and a tee, everyone can get the hang of this national pastime.

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60th birthday party ideas for food

Food is usually the cornerstone of a fine birthday celebration. With a variation of personal tastes and preferences, you want to be able to accommodate most palettes.

One way to do this is to create a list of 60 different food items, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, a variety of chips (each counting as 1 item), and so on.

Healthy foods are also a good idea and once more offer the chance to poke a little fun at this milestone birthday. Certainly find out what the birthday girl or guy’s favorite foods are and use those.

A buffet is usually the best 60th birthday party idea for larger parties and if you have the ambition, you can give each dish a special name to commemorate the birth year, either with a movie or actor’s name, or politician or world event.

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