Academy award party ideas: costumes and accessories

What to wear to an Oscar party? Probably most people will choose to simply dust off their best evening wear (assuming it still fits!) and shine up their high heels. Add glam make-up and a cute purse and you're ready to party! Men can wear their best suits.

For other people, a party's not a party without costumes and accessories. We've put together some great ideas here.

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Academy award party supplies: costumes

Most Hollywood theme costumes suitable for an Oscar party focus on famous actresses of the past, such as Marilyn Monroe:

Golden Glamour Marilyn Adult Costume

Gentlemen prefer blondes, so be sure to have a blonde wig handy! (Not included with the outfit.)

If you want to show some leg without it costing you an arm and a leg, then this is a great choice:

Show some leg without it costing an arm and a leg

At the time of writing, it's just $25 and covered by Amazon's free shipping if you spend the qualifying amount. Bargain!

This costume includes gloves:

Black and sleek, good choice for your Oscar party

It's a steal at $20 from Amazon!

We included the kids' outfit in our academy awards theme party costumes page because it's adorable!

Hollywood Starlet Child Costume

You should be careful though, some kids will get used to being treated like a VIP!

Academy awards theme party costume accessories

Talking of VIPs, a terrific value accessory which can be used to spice up your costume is a VIP pass:

VIP Party Pass

There are loads of ways to use this. Buy one for yourself, or if you can afford it (they're really cheap), get one for everybody who's attending.

If you went with the Marilyn look, you'll need a wig:

Complete your Marilyn Monroe costume with a blonde wig

Of course if you are a natural blonde, you could just gel and curl up your own hair!

No evening look is complete without elbow-length gloves:

Long Velveteen Gloves Black Adult

These really add a final touch to an evening dress and have that Hollywood look about them.

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