plan an alien birthday party your friends will never forget!

For kids, birthdays are some of the best moments in their young lives. Their friends come over to celebrate their special day with them and when the party centers around a fun and exciting theme, wonderful things happen. This year, go with an outer space ‘alien’ birthday party theme!

alien birthday party invitations

The images of little green men or flying saucers are two of the most universal images of aliens. And they make memorable invitations.

Using green construction paper (for the aliens) or silver (for flying saucers), you can make your own invitations. You can also find pre-made cards in this style if you don’t have the time.

Use creative and fun words such as, ‘The word is out … Timmy’s party is going to be out of this world!’

You can also keep the invitations simple, printing out the cards on your computer using a space age style font, as though written by NASA.

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alien birthday party decorations

There are virtually dozens of simple and creative ideas to decorate the house in an alien theme. Using construction paper (green, silver, and yellow), you can hang alien and spaceship likenesses all around the house.

You can also:

  • Create Area 51 and use yellow poster board to warn civilians to stay away. Take advantage of this idea by creating a mock alien spaceship crash scene in a room using cardboard and aluminum foil. You can offer the children special ‘Area 51’ badges when they arrive at the house which will give them access to this special ‘sealed’ room.

The Internet is abundant with images of aliens and alien spacecraft, both genuine looking as well as cartoonish.

Print up as many as you would like and post them around the house. You can also use photo editing software to crop the birthday child into a scene of the first moonwalk!

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alien birthday party cake

Many stores and supermarkets that carry birthday cakes will have a variety of alien theme cakes to choose from.

Some will be in the shape of a UFO or an alien, but you can also add your own sense of decorum to the cake.

How about the moon surface depicting the first landing on the moon? After all, there’s talk about returning to the moon at last.

You can have a small Apollo spacecraft and astronauts figurines on top as well as a few aliens lurking around unseen in the background.

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alien birthday party game ideas

When you decide to go with an alien birthday party theme for your child, then you want the games to stick with that idea. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Using silver or yellow Frisbees, you can create your own alien invasion in your home. Kids can take these home with them, but for a slight variation before they leave, give each child a disposable camera and have them ‘capture’ proof of the UFO in flight (they toss the Frisbee and take pictures of it).
  • Have the kids play ‘Pin the Alien to the Spaceship’ instead of the donkey version of the game.
  • Bring the children outside if you have the room and set up a few ‘planets’ (you can use large bowls or buckets –large enough for a Frisbee to fit in them) and have the kids try to get their ‘UFOs’ back home to their planet (into the bucket). It’s a simplified version of Frisbee golf, for any adults who’ve played it.
  • An alien piñata is a great way to end the celebration and will be stuffed with candy and prizes the kids will love.

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alien birthday party food ideas

Thinking of food for an alien birthday party isn’t all that difficult once you get those creative juices flowing. The important thing is to keep it simple and focus on the foods that kids love (and not necessarily what you prefer them to eat on a regular basis).

  • UFO burgers are a great way to break the ice. Use guacamole to give the burgers a green ‘alien’ appearance. Kids will absolutely eat them up.
  • How many spaceships have you seen depicted that looked like hot dogs? Use this idea to create more UFO ideas out of the staples of children’s parties.

Alien shaped cookies are a fun way for kids to finish off a meal, but if you want something a bit healthier, try using a melon baller to create fruit balls and call them ‘Alien planets.’

For drinks, try Black Hole Punch. Use seltzer water and grape soda, but don’t forget some dry ice to create a haunting and out-of-this-world effect.

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