Artistry and cake-making go hand-in-hand

A artist birthday cake can be really fun to make.
Picture Cake An artist birthday cake can be absolutely anything. The cake itself is like a sculpture so if the birthday child loves a certain cartoon character then put a picture of that character on the cake and pipe on brown or gold frosting around the edge to look like a frame. You could also find an old art picture created by the birthday child and have a bakery scan it onto the frosting of a cake.

Color Palette: Frost a single layer round cake in white. Using a small glass mark the top with circles and fill each in with a different color frosting to represent the paint. Fashion an edible paint brush out of a Twizzler and fruit rollup (rolled with fringes cut on the end). Lay this across the pallette. Use crayon candles.

artist birthday party - cupcakeDecorate your own mini cake: This idea for an artist birthday party is full of creativity and fun! You can use cup cakes for this but I like to make a thin sheet cake and cut it into 3"x4" rectangle pieces. Each child gets a piece of cake already frosted white.

Then lay out all sorts of cake decorating items - candy coated chocolates, sprinkles, colored sugar, string licorice, tubes of gel frosting in various colors, etc. Have each child design an individual cake in the birthday child's honor. When finished eat. Put candles in the birthday child's cake to sing "Happy Birthday". 

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