artist birthday party ideas

artistry and cake-making go hand-in-hand

An Artist Birthday Party is an event of creativity and color and the ideal birthday party for any age child.

Here you'll find the best party ideas for art party invitations, artist party games , artist party food and much more.

Today you will celebrate your birthday "artist" style. You and your closest friends will become world famous artists for the day. Filling your very own art gallery for the first annual Birthday Art Extravaganza Show.

Everything to plan the perfect artist party is all right here.

artist birthday party Invitations

The first thing you need to do is let all your friends know about your spectacular birthday party plans.

The right invitation will build excitement and anticipation for your upcoming artist birthday party. A fabulously creative idea for artist party invitations is to make paint splatter invites to your very own art gallery.

Another idea is to wrap your invitation around a box of crayons or tray of watercolor paints. Secure it with a sticker or a piece of ribbon.

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artist birthday party decorations

Let your friends know they are about to enter an area of extreme creativity and birthday fun as they make their way to the door of your artist birthday party.

Set the stage for your artist birthday party by starting your decorations right out your front door.

Place an art easel announcing the 1st Annual Birthday Art Show near your door. Decorate the sign with any kind of doodles and drawings.

You can also use chalk and decorate your driveway or walk way with pictures of crayons and swirls of color.

Another great art party decorating idea is to find some of your old art pictures or make some crazy new ones and hang these on your front door or from tree branches or place on stakes in the ground. Your guests will get a kick out of them and this pre-show continues to set the artistic mood for the party.

Decorating the party area is just as easy. You don't need much. Just a splash here and there to keep the artist birthday party theme going. Hang copies of Famous Works of Art, your own art work, colorful streamers and balloons. Remember the focus is on color and creativity. is the  source for all your party needs

Activities & Games for an artist birthday party

Now on to the fun! Entertaining your artist friends is as easy as planning some super fun artist party activities. Color, creativity and imagination are the inspiration for this artist birthday party. So the sky is the limit as to potential activities and games.

Here are some of my favorite artistic ideas.


This is a great start to your artist party activities. Use an old sheet, large piece of canvas or butcher block paper. Write the following in bubble letters:

KATIE's 8th Birthday ART SHOW

Then let the kids paint the letters in and anything else they feel like during the party.

A particular favorite among artist party activities is to let kids splatter paint on it. I can't really explain the attraction but having the freedom to just flick a paint brush and see what happens is truly an amazing experience.

A simple joy in life but one not granted very often! Have it hanging between two trees. Get it we are "outside". I said it was fun not neat. Have several colors of paint available with paint brushes assigned to each color.

Step back and let the paint fly. Have the kids flick the paint brushes toward the mural.

Note: When paint is being flicked it usually gets flicked backwards also. So have a large area available for this activity.


Next up in your artist party activities is a game where imagination and creativity win the day. Can be played as teams or is just as much fun as a group.

One person is the Sculptor. To start they get one piece of clay (a person). Sculptor has 30 seconds to pose his clay (other party guest) any way they see fit. Sculptor may either move the person or ask them to move themselves.

Example: one hand on hip, one hand curved overhead and standing on tip toe. The rest of the group then guesses what he has created. In the example it is a ballerina. The person who guesses correctly is the next Sculptor.

Mix it up by adding more pieces of clay or even everyone. This game makes for some really fun photos.

Alternative way to play: Sculptor pulls a card with a word on it and has to sculpt that word. He gets a point if the others on his team guess correctly. If not the other team can take a guess and steal the point if correct.

This is a kid favorite among artist party activities and tons of fun. Sculptures can get quite silly.


Beading is always a favorite of artist party activities. plus it can easily be altered to fit any age group.

Pre-school - large beads or even various shapes of pasta and cereal onto colorful yarn.

Young Elementary - Use various beads of different shapes and colors strung onto floral wire or other stiff wire. I like stiff wire because you can crimp the end end to hold on the beads. Plus it is easy for kids of various fine motor skill levels to handle.

Pre-teen & Teen - Use semi-precious stones and silver wire to create a special project. Say a pair of earrings or a bracelet that they can take home to wear. You can find great directions for making jewelry at


You can buy unpainted wood pieces at art supply stores - treasure chests, jewelry boxes, bird houses, doorknob signs, tool boxes, etc. The list is endless. Buy whatever you like and some paints and brushes.

Set up a painting station. Let kids paint a piece and take it home as a gift. Include various utensils for painting besides brushes like string and sponges. The kids will get a kick out of experimenting.

Also give the kids a piece of cardboard to act as their palette. Here they can mix custom colors for their pieces.

Another similar idea is to buy wooden or canvas picture frames for the kids to paint. In your artist birthday party thank-you card you can include a copy of the picture of the group sculpture from the Sculpture Game.


Next up on your list of artist party activities is to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers displayed in a cool vase.

Materials Needed:

  • Tissue paper in various colors.
  • Pipe cleaners.
  • Empty clean jars and bottles to use as vases.
  • Masking Tape.
  • Shoe Polish in fun colors.      
  • Paper towel or sponge to apply shoe polish.


  1. Cut five sheets of tissue paper in any colors you choose to the same size rectangle or square. The larger the size the larger your flower.
  2. Lay all five sheets directly on top of each other.       
  3. Cut edges along the two longer sides (or two opposite each other if using a square) into a scalloped or pointed edge. This will add dimension to your flowers.       
  4. Holding all sheets of tissue together fold the straight edge an inch or so over. Then flip over and fold back. You are folding the tissue accordion style. Make sure to make each fold the same size as the previous ones.       
  5. Now twist a pipe cleaner around the middle. This is your stem.       
  6. Gently pull apart layers of tissue from edge toward pipe cleaner center until you have formed your flower.       

Now for the vase:       

  1. Cover the jar or bottle in small torn, overlapping pieces of masking tape. Until the entire jar or bottle is covered.       
  2. Using a paper towel or sponge rub shoe polish over the surface. The edges of the tape will be darker than the middle of the tape.       
  3. Let dry. Your vase is now ready for your flowers.


Here is an artist birthday party fact - glue is mesmerizing. No matter the age - toddler to adult - there is just something about glue that is fun!

In this activity have pieces of card stock and things to glue. Feathers, felt cut outs, spangles, glitter, glitter glue, torn tissue paper, plastic gems and beads, pieces of ribbon and string, pasta. Basically whatever. Place glue in containers and let kids use paint brushes to apply.

Kids love to glue. Try it yourself, it's loads of fun!


To cap off your amazing artist birthday party and its fun filled artist party activities you will host an Art Show.

Take all the art creations and display museum style. Drape tables or the ground in white sheets. Lay artwork on top.

Place an index card next to each piece that the artist filled in with their name and the name of the piece. Build it as the party progresses and have a guest viewing just before pick-up time.

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artist birthday party cake time

An artist birthday cake can be absolutely anything. The cake itself is like a blank canvas so if the birthday child loves a certain cartoon character then put a picture of that character on the cake and pipe on brown or gold frosting around the edge to look like a frame.

Other ideas are to make a Color Palette Cake or have each guest decorate their own mini cake as only true artists can.

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artist birthday Party Food

Food at an artist birthday party should be fun and colorful.

Veggie Head - Hollow out a head of red cabbage and fill with organic veggie dip of your choice. Place pieces of carrot, cucumber, green pepper, red pepper and grape tomatoes on wooden skewers like kabobs. Stick the veggie kabobs in the side of the cabbage until it looks like a porcupine.

Create a Pizza - Buy mini pizza crusts or use English muffins, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. Let guests make their own pizzas topped with any toppings of their choosing.

Let kids use food color pens (available in cake decorating aisle of grocery store) to decorate any number of foods - cookies, crackers, toast for sandwiches, apple slices, hot dog rolls, etc.

Serve a variety of juices mixed in with seltzer water. You'll be surprised at how tasty this soda replacement is.

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Variations to the artist birthday party Theme

Visit a Museum - Check out a local art museum for a kids program. Have your artist party there in a party room.

Pottery Painting - Go to one of the ever growing number of "paint and pottery" shops around. Here you'll be able to host your party and each child will be able to paint and take home a piece of pottery. Some actually kiln dry it.

For these you'll have to leave the painted pottery pieces for a few days then pick them up later and deliver them to your guests. Include your thank you note with each delivery.

What To Do with Siblings

Siblings are great most of the time. You have someone to play with, a lifelong friend and someone to blame for the wet towel on the bathroom floor. But they can be hit or miss at an artist party. My advice is to get them involved. Try these What To Do with Your Sibling ideas.

Now go plan that super, creative artist birthday of your dreams.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions or with any additional ideas. We are always searching the planet for the most unique party ideas. And please check back in and let us know how spectacular your night was!

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