Creative Invitations for Artist birthday parties

The right artist party invitations will build excitement and anticipation for your upcoming birthday party. A great invitation idea for an art party is to make paint splatter invitations.

Paint Splatter - Artist Party Invitations

Materials Needed:

  • White or light colored cardstock cut to the size of your brightly colored envelopes

  • Paint in a variety of colors. Rainbow colors work very well (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

  • Computer paper for printing the invitation wording. White, yellow or orange look great if printing in black

  • Glue


  1. Mix individual paints with a small amount of water to thin if necessary.

  2. Using a paint brush either splatter or drizzle the colors one by one on card stock. Let dry. NOTE: this part is super fun for kids to help out with. They love it!

  3. Print the following on computer printing paper or write out by hand on paper.

  4. You're Invited to let your Inner Artist Out.
    Come celebrate ______________(b-day child's name) birthday with an explosion of Art!

    Place: ________(b-day child's last name) Gallery
    located at _______ (address) RSVP:________________

    As an invited artist your work will be
    featured alongside that of other famous artists in the
    1st Annual Birthday Art Show.

    (make sure to wear your "creative-don't-care-what-I-get-on-them" clothes)

  5. Cut around invitation wording and glue onto painted card stock. Make sure there is at least an inch or so of the painted card stock showing to make a border.

Another idea is to use the same wording as above on a sheet of paper. Fold the paper and wrap it around a box of crayons or tray of watercolor paints. Secure it with a sticker or a piece of ribbon.

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