Artist birthday party: siblings

Siblings are great most of the time. You have someone to play with, a lifelong friend and someone to blame for the missing toothpaste cap. But they can be hit or miss at an artist birthday party. My advice is get them involved.

Have them join right in the fun as an artist if you want. Or explain to them that this is a special day for you and your friends and that you really need their help preparing for it. Let them help prep the materials for your projects. Have them prepare some art for decoration as a featured artist. Put on some upbeat music and clown around together as your siblings and you prepare for your big party. Make it a fun event. Take pictures and include it as the official start to your birthday.

Being involved early in the planning will give them something to do and feel a part of things. Then enlist a friend or family member to take your sibling out for the day of your party. It really helps if it is to someplace you'd love to go but will have to miss. Then get together the next day and tell each other all about your fun days.

Remember that your siblings love you and just want to feel a part of the party. Be creative and get them involved. You'll be surprised at how much it can add to your artist birthday party. 

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