beach birthday party ideas for grown-ups!

You don’t really need a reason to throw a beach party.  It’s perfect for any sunny summer day and it would be a great break during the winter  (with a few precautions inside!)  You can easily throw a great beach bash that your friends will be talking about for a long time.

beach birthday party invitations

You can have a lot of fun with the invitations.  Cut up card stock to look like a beach towel.  Write all your party info on the towel.

Consider other beachy shapes such as a shell, the sun or a pair of shorts. If you can hand deliver the invitations, consider writing the information right on a cheap beach ball, sand pail or shovel.

Or use a small empty soda bottle and insert your invite in there, like a bottle washed up on the shore. Toss in some shells and sand. Be creative!

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beach birthday party decorations set the scene

If you can’t have your party at the beach or poolside, fill up a bunch of kiddie pools and set chairs around them. You’d be surprised what a kick your guests will get out of this.

You’ll probably even find a few of them climbing in before the party is over. Spread out beach towels and blankets for guests to sit on, or invite them to bring their own lawn chairs.

Beach blankets and towels also make great decorations as tablecloths, or just draping them over chairs.

Use inflatable mats and balls to decorate the area. Use a big inflatable lounge to plant on a stake in the front yard.

Use a sharpie to write “party here!” right on the lounge. Scatter seashells on your tables and create cute votives by covering small glass jars or clear votives with white glue, then sprinkling with sand.

Let them dry, plop a candle inside, and you’ve got some cute table decorations.

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beach birthday party cake decorations

You can make a flip-flop cake by baking a 9x12 cake, and carving a bit off the middle and top to make a flip flop shape. Decorate with fun, bright colors.

Or treat each guest to a cup of blue jello with a gummy fish swimming inside. Just drop in a Swedish fish when the jello is half gelled. Decorate with whipped cream for the waves. 

Bake a 9x12 cake and make a beach scene on top. Frost the cake white, then crumble graham crackers or vanilla wafers and sprinkle on top to make it look like sand. 

Use your imagination and add candy shells and other treats to create your own little beach.  Salt water taffy can easily be molded like clay into different shapes if you’d like to make sea creatures, beach towels etc to decorate your scene.

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beach birthday party games and activities

Set out “pick up and play” games for your guests, like Frisbee, badminton, horseshoes, volleyball etc. 

A hula hoop contest would be great fun. Set out a few buckets filled with water balloons, and your guests are sure to have a good time. Beach Boys music would certainly set the tone for your day.

Want to heat things up a bit?  Have a sunscreen relay. 

  • Divide your guests into teams. 
  • Set a bottle of sunscreen across the yard. 
  • Have the first team member run down, collect the sunscreen and return to apply it on the arms of the next person in their team. 
  • Then that person has to run to the other side with the sunscreen, return and apply it to the face of the next person, and so on, depending on how many team members you decide to have. 

Nothing like a little bit of fun sun safety at your beach party!

Daring enough to have a hottest beach bod contest? 

  • Invite your guests to wear their hottest swimsuit
  • Set up a little catwalk area and let your guests decide which guy and gal have the best beach bod.

If you can have a bonfire at your party site, that’s a perfect way to transition the party from day to night. Make sure to have plenty of marshmallows handy!

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beach birthday party food ideas

A bowl of salt water taffy screams summertime and beach fun. Set them out in different places. Use new beach pails to serve your chips and snacks.

Consider blowing up a small pool to put on the table and use as a cooler for your salads. Fill it up with ice and set your bowls inside.

Classic picnic fare would be perfect:  potato salads, sandwiches, fruit. Grilling hot dogs and hamburgers would be great, too.  

Pass out popsicles after the meal or arrange for an ice cream truck to pull up reminding your guests what it was like to be a kid at the beach on a carefree day. 

If you can’t do that, set up your own “ice cream truck” with an assortment of fun Popsicles and treats just like you used to buy at the beach.

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