About Us

The perfect birthday party is just a few clicks away!

Hi. Thank you for visiting One-Stop-Birthday-Ideas.com.

People always ask me why and how I built this site. The answer is so simple. I love parties. Actually I take that back. What I should say is that I love planning parties. It is my passion and I want to show people how fun, easy and rewarding it is to plan a great birthday party, no matter what your budget.

For me there is nothing more enjoyable than trying to figure out the best way to surprise and entertain the birthday boy or girl. It's exciting. Who doesn't love a good party? And throwing a memorable birthday party is so easy and so much fun.

There is a key difference between birthday ideas which are fun and those which are memorable. Little touches and added details can turn a run-of-the-mill celebration into a life's highlight.

I've planned and hosted numerous parties over the years. Here's what I have learned about throwing a super fun birthday party.

1. It is really easy to do. 2. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. 3. The planning is so much fun for both you and the guest of honor. It is so rewarding when the Big Day finally comes and you see all the pieces come together.

I hope you find these pages informative and useful in getting your creative juices flowing as you plan your own birthday party. And don't forget to share the pictures and stories of your big event! I love hearing about parties just as much as I do planning them.