Bug birthday party for your creepy crawlies

A Bug Party is a very popular choice for a kids birthday theme. You'll find everything you need to plan your Happy BUGS Day right here!

If you find creepy, crawly critters fasinating. And you can spend hours watching an ant hill. Then a bug birthday party is definitely the one for you.

You and your friends will explore the magnificent world of all things buggy. You'll creep, crawl, slither and hop through this exceptional insect theme birthday.

Bug birthday Party Invitations

The right invitation will build excitement and anticipation for your upcoming bug birthday party. Here are some invitation ideas for a bug party.

  • Butterfly Invitations. Cut butterfly shape out of card stock in a size to fit in your selected envelopes. Paint one side in glue. Cover with small torn or cut pieces of colorful tissue paper. Let dry. Print party information on the other side. Birthday child will get a kick out of helping with these. Add fun insect stickers to the outside of the envelopes.
  • Caterpillar Invitations. Using 12"x18" construction paper cut in half the long way. This will make two invitations. Fold the resulting long rectangle accordion style three times (you will have 4 squares). With the paper folded use scissors to round corners so you have a circle shape leaving 1 inch of each folded side connected. Make sure not to cut all the way through the folds or the caterpillar will not stay together. On the front glue two wiggly eyes and draw a happy mouth. Add two short pipe cleaner antennae. Then unfold the caterpillar and write party information on the inside. Decorate as you like.
  • Computer made - Download the creepiest looking insects you can find on the Internet and cover a page leaving room only for the party details.

Suggested wording: Buzz (can also use "Creep", "Fly" or "Crawl" depending on your favorite bug) on over for a Happy BUGS Day celebration in honor of Molly's 9th Birthday (use birthday child's name and age).

Date: _________ Time: _____________ Place: Molly's Hive (or Web) - 55 Someplace Lane, Some Town RSVP: to Ann (555)555-5555 or ann@something.com

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Bug birthday Party Decorations

Outside Decorations

Bug birthday party decorations start right out your front door. Place a butterfly net or two flanking your front door. Cover your door With print outs of creepy insects you find on the Internet or your very own bug creations. Hang a sign saying "Happy BUGS Day ________!" Use chalk to decorate your driveway, walkway and door step with bugs and dotted curling lines showing their flight.

  • Butterfly nets
  • Chalk
  • Poster board
  • Pom-poms, tissue paper, construction paper, wiggly eyes - to make bugs for door
  • Computer print outs of creepy, crawly insects
  • Insect stamps and ink pad

Inside Decorations

Keep the bug birthday party theme going with indoor decorations. You don't need much. Just a splash here and there to keep the bug party theme going. Here are some suggestions:

  • Giant Insects using butcher block paper and simple butterfly, caterpillar, bee, ant, scorpion and ladybug drawings - make larger than life bugs and hang on walls and ceiling.
  • "Spiders and Webs", party supply stores have fake webs and spiders in every size and shape imaginable - usually available around Halloween at party supply stores. You can make your own floor to ceiling web with yarn And fashion a spider out of a ball of yarn or black pillow, pom pom eyes and pipe cleaner legs.
  • Scatter plastic bugs everywhere including in small bowls like you might see for candy.
  • Balloons. Primary colors work best here. You'll even find some large bug shaped choices at your party supply store.
  • Bug theme Plates, Napkins, Utensils, Table Covers - available at party supply stores.

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Bug birthday Party Games and Activities

Here are some bug birthday party games I personally love!

Watch the Ants Work (Kid Favorite!)

What would a bug party be without watching some ants hard at work? Get an ant farm a few weeks before the party so you have time to order the ants. You want the ants to have a week or so to start digging some tunnels.

I love the AntWorks Space Age Ant Habitat. This one is hands down the coolest one out there. Plus for any squeamish parents out there it is totally self contained once you get the ants inside. The top is extremely secure even when knocked down "by accident" (thanks to my six year old for testing that out for us). Absolutely mesmerizing! You won't be able to take your eyes off it.


  • Ant Farm
  • Ants
  • Magnifying glasses

Bug Hunt

Nothing says bug birthday party more than going on a bug hunt. Using plastic bugs hidden throughout your house or around outside. Send the kids on a bug hunt. Give each child a paper bag with their name on it or if you are giving bug huts away as a take home gift use these. Again make sure you have everyone's name marked on them ahead of time to avoid confusion later on.

Materials Needed:

  • Plastic bugs - available at party supply stores
  • Paper bags - enough for each child
  • or Bug Huts - enough for each child
  • Optional: plastic tweezers or tweezers made from connecting two craft sticks together with a rubber band. Wedge a folded up piece of paper between the sticks up near the rubber band to open up the sticks. Have one for each child.
  • Optional: Make different types of bugs worth varying points. The bug hunter who gets the most points wins.

Catch Some Bugs

If you are holding your bug birthday party outdoors and are feeling adventurous then you can try to corral a few live bugs for viewing.


  • Lidded glass jar with holes punched in lid so bugs can breathe.
  • Small shovel or garden trowel.
  • Small piece of wood or cardboard.
  • One or two small rocks.


  • Find a shady area where the soil is moist.
  • Dig a small hole to place the open jar in it such that the top of the jar is flush with the surface of the hole.
  • Fill in around sides of jar with loose dirt if needed.
  • Place a small rock or two near opening of hole and rest the piece of wood on it to shade the hole and protect it from rain.
  • Place bug bait in the jar - try a crushed berry or small piece of apple or orange.
  • Leave for several hours.
  • At the party go back to see if you caught anything. Place the lid with holes in it back on the jar to view the bugs.
  • Remember to be gentle when handling the jar. Bugs are our friends. Wen done viewing release them by gently tipping the open jar out.
  • Be careful some bugs bite or release toxins. Do not handle the bugs especially if they are spiders. Just view them from within the jar.


A charades game for insect-lovers. Lots of fun for a bug birthday party. Using index cards or slips of paper write names of bugs on them:

  • Butterfly
  • Moth
  • Bee
  • Earth worm
  • Fly
  • Ant
  • Spider
  • Stink bug
  • Fire fly
  • Inch worm
  • Praying mantis
  • Ladybug

Divide partygoers into two groups. One player for Team A picks a card and reads it to himself. Using no words - just movements and sounds - the player acts like the bug on the card. Which ever team guesses correctly gets a point. Now a player from the other team comes up and picks a card. The team with the most points wins or just play for fun with no teams.

Note: If the kids are really young (3-5yrs) use picture cards and keep the bugs simple. Bee, Ant, Butterfly, Worm, Spider, etc. The older the kids the more creative and challenging the list of bugs should be.

Squish that Bug

Every bug birthday party needs some bug squishing. Attach a balloon by a piece of string (3 feet or so long) to the dominant leg of each partygoer. Define an area of play (a room or marked area of the yard). At the words "Squish that bug!" Each child tries to stomp on and pop everyone else's balloons (oops bugs). The last child with an un-stomped bug (un-popped balloon) wins.

Variation: Try to pop your own bug with out using your hands in any way. First one to squish their bug (pop their balloon) wins. This works better for the little ones.

Note: Make sure to pick up all pieces of broken balloon ASAP. These can be choking hazards to very young children.

Buggy, Buggy Cross My Web

This is a definite bug birthday party favorite. Using cones or jump ropes set up 2 lines on the ground about 4 or 5 yards away from each other. The area in between the two lines is the Web. One child is the Spider and stands in the middle. Everyone else is a Fly and stands behind one of the lines.

The Spider yells "Buggy, Buggy Cross my Web" and all the flies then run to the other line. If tagged by the Spider when in the Web, the Fly stands where tagged. She is now "stuck in the web" making an obstacle for the returning flies to maneuver around.

The Spider keeps yelling "Buggy, Buggy Cross my Web" and the flies run through until there is only one fly remaining. The winner is now the Spider in the next game.

Note: Flies that are stuck in the web can also tag flies as they run by and help the Spider catch his meal.

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Bug Birthday party Cake!

Decorate a regular cake with plastic bugs of every kind. Use this ADORABLE bug cake tin -- just look what you can achieve with this amazing and affordable product!

Or make a Dirt Cake

Dirt Cake Recipe

  • 1 pkg. Oreo cookies
  • 1 - 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese. softened
  • 1/2 C butter, softened
  • 1 C powdered sugar
  • 3 C milk
  • 1 - 12 oz. tub Cool Whip
  • 2 - 3 1/2 oz. pkg. instant vanilla or chocolate pudding
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla
  • gummy worms and/or other critters
  • candy rocks
  • new plastic sand pail and shovel (cleaned) or new plastic flower pot and garden trowel (cleaned)


  • Place Oreos in a large zip lock bag and crush. This is tons of fun.
  • Put 1/4 of the Oreo crumbs in the clean sand pail or flower pot.
  • In a large bowl cream butter, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla together. Set aside.
  • In another bowl combine milk and pudding mix.
  • Fold Cool Whip into the pudding mixture.
  • In the large bowl gently combine pudding mixture and cream cheese mixture together.
  • Layer 1/3 of this pudding/cream cheese mixture on top of the crumbled cookies you placed in the sand pail or flower pot.
  • Add a layer of crumbled cookies then another layer of 1/3 the pudding/cream cheese mixture.
  • More crumbled cookies then the last 1/3 of the pudding/cream cheese mixture.
  • Finish with the remaining crumbled cookies.
  • As you build the layers add in gummy worms and other critters. Have some peeking out of the top layer.
  • You can do the same with candy rocks/pebbles.
  • Chill 4 to 5 hours in refrigerator before serving.

This cake looks like dirt - actual dirt - and tastes yummy. Totally cool! And right on theme for a bug party. It doesn't cut like a traditional cake. It has a pudding-like consistency.

Use the plastic shovel or garden trowel (either should be new and cleaned prior to use) to dig out your servings. Kids LOVE this. It is so much fun. Keep in mind that hearing, "Totally gross!" is the highest of compliments.

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bug birthday Party Food

Spider Dip - Hollow out a pumpernickel loaf and fill with veggie dip of your choice. Use 8 large celery sticks stuck in the sides as the legs. Using 2 toothpicks attach half a green pepper as a head. Place 2 cherry tomatoes on the top of the toothpicks for eyes. Surround with carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, green pepper slices and the bread for dipping.

Ants On A Log - Fill celery sticks with peanut butter or cream cheese and place raisins on them to look like ants.

Make-a-Caterpillar Sandwich - Use white or wheat sandwich bread and whatever fillings you feel like (ham & cheese, PB&J, turkey & cheese - are all favorites) make a number of sandwiches (1 to 2 sandwiches per child total). Using a 1 1/2 inch round cookie cutter cut as many as you can from each sandwich.

Place same type sandwich rounds on platters and label what kind they are. Then buffet style have the kids build a caterpillar sandwich by choosing various sandwich rounds and laying them on their plates next to each other. Give each child two raisins to make the eyes on the first round. Note: For younger children serve the caterpillar sandwiches already assembled.

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Variations to Bug Theme

Lady Bug Party

For this version of a bug party you will do all things ladybug.

Amazon.com is a great source for Lady bug stuff!

Butterfly Party

This bug party is based on all things butterfly.

Amazon.com also has everything butterfly!

What To Do With Siblings

Siblings are great most of the time. You have someone to play with, a lifelong friend and someone to blame for the wet towel on the bathroom floor. But they can be hit or miss at a party. Especially a bug party if they don't like bugs. My advice is get them involved.

With a sibling who is afraid of bugs and still wants to be involved. Let them be the Ambassador of a Bug Free Zone. You will undoubtedly have a friend or two there who also hates bugs but loves you. Keep an area marked with a "Bug Free Zone" sign. In this area have a few bug free crafts to entertain the non-bug people during the creepiest and crawliest of activities. Let your sibling wear a "No Bugs" symbol on their shirt (think of the "No Smoking" symbol but with a bug in the red circle with the line through it).

If they love bugs have them join right in the fun. Or if that won't work and they like to dress up have them dress as a Worker Bee and man the refreshment stand. Use fabric paint to paint a thick black stripe around a yellow t-shirt. Add a pair of black feely boppers or a headband with pipecleaners and pom-poms attached for antennae. Write Worker Bee on the t-shirt.

Remember that your siblings love you and just want to feel a part of the party. Be creative and get them involved. You'll be surprised at how much it can add to your party.

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