Cheap pinatas

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(One Stop Birthday Ideas)

Click to buy Shark pinata from!Click to buy this item from!Cheap pinatas don't mean you have to sacrifice quality, or buy from disreputable sources.

These awesome choices all come to you courtesy of, a company which, if you haven't already guessed, has won awards for its selection and service.

One of the most popular birthday themes is a firefighter party. This amazing Fire Truck pinata will make sure your kids have a blast at the party. It's won five stars out of five in every review!

This Butterfly Pull String Pinata will be a big hit if you're hosting a Bug-themed party for little ones. The pull-string activation means no toddlers need to be trusted with blunt objects!

If you're hosting a duck- or farmyard-themed party, or a party for younger infants, then the Click to buy Yellow Ducky pinata from Amazon!Yellow Ducky pinata is a sure-fire winner.

ARRR! Having a Pirate party? Then ye'll be needin' treasure. Here's a Pirate treasure chest pinata that won't cost all yer loot to purchase, and shippin' is free. All pirates LOVE shippin'!

If you're after something more traditional, then this Rainbow Donkey Pinata is pure Mexico. It's super-cute, very affordable, and great entertainment.

Get all your ducks in a row for your birthday party! Both these cheap pinatas are really affordable; and there are dozens of other value-priced designs at Amazon.

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