construction birthday party ideas

What little boy doesn’t love trucks? A construction birthday party is a sure hit with the younger crowd, and there are lots of easy and inexpensive ways to pull it off. You might have lots of this stuff right at home.  Here are some ideas to help you “construct” a great party.

construction birthday party invitations

Cut up a brown paper bag into squares that look like parcels and write your party information on them.  If you’re really ambitious, wrap small boxes with the paper and write the invitation information right on these special deliveries.

Or make up a work order, inviting guests to the “job site” where the party will be held. Describe their “job”—to have fun and celebrate the big day. 

Run the tires of a toy truck through paint and push them across blank paper. Let these dry, then put your party information on them to transform them into unique invitations.

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construction birthday party decorating ideas

Yellow safety or caution tape will go a long way in transforming your party space. (And it’s a great way to rope off areas you want little partygoers to avoid!)

Bunches of yellow and black balloons are perfect for the color theme. Wrap big empty boxes with brown paper and scatter throughout the house. You can mark these parcels as fragile or write birthday messages on them. 

If you have any constructions cones, bring them out! Or make your own by forming cones out of orange construction paper. 

You can make signs out of white poster board that say things like Caution!  Work Zone!  Look at real construction signs you see out on the road for inspiration. 

Consider using a clean tarp as a table cloth, or even as a wall covering to set the scene. is the source for all your party needs

construction birthday party cake ideas

You can make a great construction cake that might be too cool to eat. 

  • Bake a 9x12 cake, and another one in a metal bowl. 
  • Place the bowl cake on one end of the flat cake to make a hill. If it’s too big, you may need to cut it in half. 
  • Frost the whole thing brown, and cover with crushed up Oreo’s to make it look like a giant dirt pile. 
  • Use some small trucks, figures and signs (which you probably already have) to decorate the construction site. 
  • Or, serve cupcakes with a small construction truck on each one for the guests to keep.  Line them up on a big flat bed truck if you have one. 

Since it’s a construction party, you could let the kids “build” their own cupcake. Set out unfrosted cupcakes, and let kids put on their own frosting and toppings.

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construction birthday party games

Bring out your little tyke’s trucks and machines for guests to play with as you wait for everyone to arrive. Dollar stores often sell construction hats, which would be a cute treat to hand out to guests as they arrive. 

Stage a dirt pile dig. Fill a kiddie pool with sand or dirt. (If you’re inside, make sure you have a tarp or sheet underneath for easy clean up.)  Bury treats in the dirt and let each child take a turn digging through the dirt. The first prize they find, they get to keep. 

Or you can play games and let kids earn the chance to dig through the dirt pile and find a prize. They can also dig for treasure coins after winning a game, which they can redeem for prizes at the end of the party.

Set up a construction obstacle course, where kids have to stop and measure a piece of wood, run around safety cones, and put on a tool belt at the end. You can time each child’s run, or set up three or four different courses to be run at the same time.

Plan ahead and save lots of cardboard boxes of all sizes (cereal boxes, shoe boxes etc.)  Either paint them, or wrap them in construction paper. Let the kids build and play. 

If you’re feeling really crazy, hide a free prizes inside some of the boxes, and when the kids are done playing let them rip them open and find the prizes. has all the party game accessories you need

construction birthday party food ideas

Any food will fit in with the construction theme when served from the back of a dump truck! 

Put your big Tonka loaders and dump trucks right on the table and load up with slices of pizza or sandwiches. 

Use clean hard hats as bowls for chips and pretzels. Also, consider the building theme again with the food, and lay out sandwich fixings so kids can build their own sandwiches. 

Serve beverages from a cooler like you might see at a job site. (The kind you press to dispense the beverage.) 

Or, set out thermoses of different beverages, labeled with their contents.

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