step into the wild west with a Cowboy Birthday Party!

If you are considering a Cowboy Birthday Party then you have come to the right place.

Yee Haw!! Horses, cowboys and the wild west are the theme of the day.

Saddle on up for the best kids birthday ever.

You and your friends will enjoy the thrill of the rodeo. You will dress like a real cowboy, pan for gold and chow down at an Old West chuck wagon.

Cowboy birthday Party Invitations

The right invitation will build excitement and anticipation for your upcoming cowboy birthday party. Here are some invitation ideas for a cowboy party.

Make WANTED POSTERS invitations by printing invitations on parchment paper or on paper you soaked in coffee then dried.

Carefully singe the edges with a lighter. Adults ONLY should do the burning and please be very careful. When burning the edges of the paper hold it over a basin of water for a quick extinguish should you need it.

Suggested wording:

Below that glue a piece of tinfoil to act as a mirror.

to come to Tim's 6th birthday party.
The law is rounding up all roughnecks for a wild rodeo celebration and you're on the list.

Date: _________
Time: _____________
Place: Tim's Outlaw Ranch - 55 Someplace Lane, Some Town
Neighs Only: to Ann (555)555-5555 or

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Cowboy birthday Party Decorations

Outside Decorations

Decorations start right out your front door with a hay bale or two, horse shoes and chalk hoof prints lining your front walk. Hang a "Wild West starts here" or "Rockin' Rodeo Birthday starts here" sign on the front door. Decorate signs using rope and horse/horse shoe stamps and ink.

Other ideas for outside decorations to set the stage for a super fun movie party.

  • Use red bandanas and rope as you would streamers.
  • "Welcome to Tim's Outlaw Ranch" signs - make with poster board and place along driveway or street.
  • A stick pony or two in the hay bales - either buy one or make with a broom and some construction paper and yarn.
  • Red and white balloons.

Inside Decorations

Decorations keep the party theme fun. You don't need much. Just a splash here and there to keep the cowboy party theme going. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use red bandanas and rope as you would streamers. Coil rope along walls with bandana strips tied at intervals.
  • "Chuck Wagon" sign over food station. "Saloon" sign over drink station. Decorate signs using rope and horse/horse shoe stamps and ink.
  • Red and white balloons.
  • Red and white checked Table Covers - available at party supply stores.
  • Cowboy theme or red and white utensils, napkins and plates makes shopping for cowboy birthday party decorations slicker than a rattler!

Cowboy birthday Party Activities and Games

I'm A Cowboy Now Race

Make two teams. Kids line up in teams. At the word "Ride 'Em Cowboys" the first child of each team runs to the first station and puts on a red bandana around neck. Then runs to the next station and puts on a plastic sheriff's badge. Then runs to the last station to don a cowboy hat. When fully dressed he yells "Yee, Haw!!" And the next child on his team starts race. First team to finish wins.

Kids will take stuff home with them and can wear throughout the party. Give each child a bag with their name on it so they can keep their stuff in it if they don't want to wear it.

Great photo opportunity after this event to get all the little cowboys and cowgirls together for a group picture. It makes for a nice thank you card inclusion.

What you'll need:

  • Red bandanas - enough for each child.
  • Plastic sheriff's badges - enough for each child.
  • Cowboy hats - enough for each child.

Rope a Wild Bronco

Wild broncos are running through your cowboy party. Get your wrangler friends to help catch them before they trample your cake.

Put two brooms or stick ponies in hay bales or in the ground with heads sticking out.

Use a rope tied to a hula hoop for a lasso. Have kids stand behind a line and toss the hula hoop over the stick ponies. If they miss have them pull the lasso back with the rope and try again.

Pony Races

Make two teams and race stick ponies or kitchen brooms around two cones. Kids line up in two teams. First person races down and around the cone and back to her team. She hands the stick pony to the next team member who then races off to do the same. First team to finish wins.

Note: Keep the stick ponies (or brooms) out under a sign "Horse Stable". The kids love to pretend play with them especially younger kids.

Materials Needed:

  • At least two stick ponies or kitchen brooms.
  • "Wild Horses" sign over where stick ponies are located. Decorate signs using rope and horse/horse shoe stamps and ink.

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Actual Pony Rides

Optional: Hire a pony ride company to come to your location.

There is gold in them there hills!

What is a cowboy party without gold? This is so easy and the kids will love it.

Take several rolls of pennies and bury in plastic bins filled with sand or sand and water. Using beach toy sand strainers have the kids pan for gold.

Make sure you know the number of pennies and ensure that each child only pan for a limited number of gold pieces (pennies). Place in bags with child's name on them. If you have a large number of children place the pennies in the bins in stages (after each group of children) so it is more challenging for them to find their gold.

Note: Use a plastic pool with sand and water if your cowboy party falls in the summer. It'd be a great way to cool off.

Old West Shoot Out

If weather permits have a cowboy party shoot out with water guns. Have large buckets with water for reloading and water guns. Just let the kids go crazy or set up empty soda cans on a bench for target shooting in teams.

Wheel Barrel Races

Kids partner up. One child places hands on the ground and the other child holds the first child's feet. Kids race to a line and switch positions then race back.

Bandit, Bandit, Sheriff!

This cowboy party favorite is just like Duck-Duck-Goose but with the sheriff chasing the bandit.

Kids sit in a circle. One child is the Bandit and walks around the circle of kids tapping them on their head saying either "Bandit" or "Sheriff".

When a child is tapped on the head and the Bandit calls out Sheriff the tapped child jumps up and chases the Bandit around the outside of the circle.

If the Bandit gets back to the place the Sheriff just left and sits down before the Sheriff tags him then the Sheriff is the new Bandit.

If the Sheriff tags the Bandit then the Bandit remains unchanged and the Sheriff returns to the place he had been sitting.

cowboy birthday party Cake Time

Decorate the cake with a plastic horses and cowboys plus make a sheriff's badge in the middle with the birthday child's name. Or make a cake in the shape of a horse. you can get really clever cake pans at craft and party supply stores.

Cake time is the best time and knows how to do a cake up right!

cowboy birthday Party Food

Think Chuck Wagon.

Hot dogs, hamburgers and baked beans. Popcorn and lemonade out of a cooler with a spout. If you like, serve root beer in frosted beer mugs.Hang a sign reading "Chuck Wagon" over the food service area. And a sign "Saloon" over the drink service area. Decorate signs using rope and horse/horse shoe stamps and ink. For added ambiance make swinging saloon doors using cardboard.

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variations to a cowboy birthday party theme

Cowboy Camp-out

Have a back yard camp out with a cowboy theme. For this cowboy party incorporate a variety of the activities from above and add a firepit and real outdoor cooking.

Have kids roast their hotdogs on sticks over a camp fire. Make s'mores. And have a sing-a-long. Print out words to traditional camp songs.

Practice the art of the tall tale, a cowboy talent dating back a hundred years, as you tell stories around the camp fire.

Either set up tents and sleep under the stars or head inside to sleep. You can also do a Mock Camp Out where kids stay late but go home to sleep in their own beds.

What To Do With Siblings

Siblings are great most of the time. You have someone to play with, a lifelong friend and someone to blame for the wet towel on the bathroom floor. But they can be hit or miss at a party. My advice is get them involved.

With a cowboy party let them be one of the attending cowboys or ask them to run the Chuck Wagon.

If they like to dress up have them dress like a rodeo clown. They can wear jeans, a flannel shirt, bandana, cowboy hat and clown face paint.

Remember that your siblings love you and just want to feel a part of the party. Be creative and get them involved. You'll be surprised at how much it can add to your party.

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