Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Kids love dinosaurs, so why not give them a prehistoric party? Sure, you could go spend a dino-sized amount of money on pre-made invitations, decorations, games, and a cake. Why not save that T-Rex sized bill? Create your own dinosaur themed party paraphernalia.

dinosaur birthday party ideas: invitations

Since dinosaur parties are usually aimed at the elementary school set, consider an invitation that includes a small activity. For the front of the card, create a dinosaur setting.

Use simple craft paper to create the ground and sky and draw in a single tree. Provide a small sheet of stickers for the invitation recipient to add to the scene. Inside, write “Put the dinosaurs in their place and then come over to my place!” and include the party information.

For a different type of invitation, you can print out the birthday child’s favorite dinosaur for the front of the invitation. Print “Prehistoric Party” over the dino’s head.

Another great dinosaur birthday party idea for invitations is to find a simple picture of a tyrannosaurus rex. Place a white sheet of paper over the drawing and create an outline using dots for a connect-the-dots sheet. Use this on the inside of the card, facing the party details.

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dinosaur birthday party Ideas: decorations

Great dinosaur birthday parties begin with a few simple decorations.

Make a prehistoric paradise! Roll newspaper, tape with masking tape and paint brown or wrap with postal paper for palm tree trunks. Create palm leaves from green construction paper. Tape green pipe cleaners to the “leaves” and attach to the trunks. Use green streamers and balloons for the jungle.

Use brown postal wrapping paper to make a nest for your dinosaurs’ eggs. Cut a large circle and crunch around the edges until it resembles a nest. Put small toy dinosaurs into plastic Easter eggs for the guests to discover.

Create a cave for the dino hunters to play in by draping a sheet over several chairs. Leave dinosaur toys inside for free play.

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dinosaur birthday party ideas: cake

It’s easier than you think to make a dinosaur cake. This simple dinosaur birthday party idea for making a cake starts with baking two 13 x 9 inch rectangular cakes. Cover a large tray, board, or cookie sheet with foil. Place the two cakes side-by-side with the long sides touching. Carefully cut the outline of a stegosaurus.

The stegosaurus is easily recognizable by its shape and not too difficult to create. If you make any mistakes, trim and fashion new pieces with the scraps that you have cut away.

Frost your stegosaurus with the birthday child’s favorite color and decorate with their favorite candies.

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dinosaur birthday party ideas: games

The dig game is a cute dinosaur birthday party idea. Cut out “dinosaur bones” from heavy cardboard. Hide them in a sandbox for the paleontologists to discover. Provide paintbrushes so they can brush the sand from the fossils.

Feed the Hungry Dinosaur! Find a large box, a television or appliance box works especially well, but any large box will work. Cover the box with brown postal paper. Draw the dinosaur’s head on a piece of poster board. Make sure his mouth is WIDE open!

Cut out the mouth portion. Place the head on the box, trace the mouth, and cut a hole in the box for the mouth. Draw details on the dinosaur. Provide the kids with beanie babies to throw in the dino’s mouth.

This game serves as a party favor as well. Buy plain white inexpensive undershirts, dinosaur-shaped sponges or stencils, and fabric paint. Allow each child to create their own dinosaur shirt by stamping or blotting paint onto shirts using stencils.


  • Make sure to put a sheet of cardboard into each shirt before painting to prevent it from sticking closed.
  • Put each child’s name on the tag of the shirt before painting so they do not get confused.

Try this out beforehand so you have a sense of how to guide children through the process.

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dinosaur birthday party ideas: food

Try these yummy dinosaur birthday party ideas for feeding your guests.

Combine 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of dry milk powder, and ½ cup of honey. This will form a stiff dough. Give each guest their own chunk and let them create a dinosaur treat. Provide pretzels, sprinkles, raisins, or other small treats to decorate. They can eat their treat right away or save it for later!

Use dinosaur cookie cutters to cut dino-shaped sandwiches. Pre-made dinosaur chicken nuggets are available in many grocery stores and can be served with an assortment of dipping sauces.

Provide chicken wings or hot dogs for the carnivorous dinosaurs in your group and a tray of veggies and dip for the herbivores.

Lava punch (also known as fruit punch) will quench the thirst of your dinos and paleontologists. Toss in a few Pop Rocks to make the lava fizz.

Chocolate pudding cups with crushed chocolate sandwich cookies on top make great dino-ramas when you add gummy dinosaurs on top!

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Serving set for 8 dinosaur birthday party guestsServing set for 8 party guests

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