plan an adventure with these dora birthday party ideas

Pulling together a Dora the Explorer birthday party can be done in very little time.  From adventurous games to tasty explorer treats, your little one will love the party theme as well as every aspect of the party itself.  Here are some foolproof ways to plan your next Dora the Explorer party.

dora birthday party ideas for invitations

One type of Dora the Explorer invitation can easily be constructed out of cardstock, markers, glitter and Dora stickers. 

For those who are extra creative, fill the front of the invitation with hand-drawn Dora the Explorer characters such as Boots and Swiper, and of course Dora.  If art is not really your forte, look online at the Dora the Explorer sites and print out small versions of the Dora characters, paste them onto the front of the card stock and color in the outlines. 

Kids who receive the invitation will love looking at the characters and get excited about the party.  On the inside, use different colors to fill out the birthday girl or boy’s name, location, time and date of the party.

Another Dora birthday party idea for invitations is a little bit simpler and can be completed more quickly.  All you have to do is use different colored cardstock and print out a picture of Dora the Explorer to adhere to the front. 

Since Dora is the main character which most kids will recognize anyway, all you have to do is put her face on the front of the invite and fill in the information on the inside of the card. 

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dora birthday party ideas for decorations

Dora the Explorer decorations can feature many different colors. Try to make the colors lighter pastels such as tangerine, lavender, dusty pink, light green and pale blue. 

Use crepe paper streamers of the varying colors to add a festive look to the room. On each table in the room, make cardboard cutouts of the various characters including Dora, Boots, Map, Swiper, Backpack, Tico, Benny and Isa. 

You can print them out from the Nickelodeon website and color them using crayons, markers or colored pencils. 

Kids love balloons so make sure to have balloons with Dora-color ribbons strewn across the room.

Another great touch to a Dora the Explorer birthday party is map placemats. Using plain computer paper, draw a starting point and place various items on the paper such as trees, bridges, lakes and even a grumpy troll. 

Using a yellow crayon draw a line connecting each item from start to finish. This will remind the partygoers of Dora’s journey care of her close friend, Map. is party central for great decorating supplies

dora birthday party ideas for cake!

Creating a delicious Dora cake is easily achievable, no matter what your baking level of expertise may be, especially if you make a Backpack cake. 

  • Bake a sheet cake and then once it comes out of the oven and cools down, simply use a knife to fashion a backpack shape. 
  • Using food coloring, color the white icing a lavender tone by mixing five drops of pink and one drop of violet. 
  • You can use candy corn or orange candy slices for eyebrows, raisins in the middle of white icing circles for eyes and a couple of red Twizzlers put together to make a smiling mouth. 

If you simply don’t want to have a Dora the Explorer party without having a Dora cake, you can make this pretty easily as well. 

  • Bake a round cake (or a couple, depending on the size of the party) and let it cool down prior to decorating. 
  • Use a light mocha frosting to cover the entire cake. 
  • For Dora’s hair, you can use chocolate Twizzlers or chocolate icing and decorate to form the proper hairstyle. 
  • Make eyes out of chocolate nonpareils or 5 M & Ms grouped together to form a circle for each eye. 
  • The nose can be created with a simple swipe of dark chocolate icing and the mouth can be brought to life with icing turned red with food coloring. 

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dora birthday party ideas for games

One game which you simply must have at a Dora the Explorer party is a treasure hunt!

  • Make up a map out of tan or yellow construction paper with specific items listed on the map which are present within your house or backyard such as an umbrella stand, coffee table, toy box or other structure. 
  • At the base of each item put a specific treat, enough for each child, and do this throughout the hunt. This way the kids can follow the map and pick up fun treats along the way.

A Dora the Explorer seek and find is easy to make and so much fun to complete. 

  • Depending on the age of the children at the party, you can make the seek and find have 5 words, 10 words or 15 words, for the older kids. 
  • When the seek and find is complete, make sure every partygoer gets a small prize, like Dora stickers or a stuffed monkey which looks like Boots.

A Dora beanbag toss is another great game idea. 

  • Using a large display board made out of cardboard, draw a picture of Dora and cut out a large hole for the mouth. 
  • Take beanbags or Whiffle balls and give each child three turns to get a beanbag in the hole.

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dora birthday party ideas for food 

Here are some Dora birthday party ideas for feeding hungry explorers.

There are quite a few Dora delicacies which the kids will rave about, and their parents too. 

Bananas dipped in chocolate will offer homage to Boots, monkey shaped chocolates made with candy molds and chocolate candy squares or Dora cupcakes made in a similar way to the Dora cake yet on a smaller scale are all good choices. 

Delicious Dora smoothies made with yogurt, strawberries, bananas and ice will be a nice treat for the kids as opposed to the normal soft drinks. 

For salty snacks, tortilla chips and melted cheddar cheese make for great nachos which won’t be spicy for the kids. 

A Dora the Explorer party is sure to entertain all with the festive colors, delicious food and fun games, all with Dora flair. 

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