Planning the Best Elvis Birthday Party

Be a Hound Dog with your Elvis Birthday Party!

Elvis is a figure in history who will probably never be forgotten. It is no wonder that this music legend finds his place as a theme for birthday parties.

Planning an Elvis birthday party which attendees will be unlikely to forget is easily achievable. The following will highlight how to pull this Elvis party together quickly and spectacularly.

Elvis Invitations That Rock

One type of Elvis party invitation sure to get the theme across is one featuring The King himself.

Print out a picture of Elvis from online directly onto cardstock or construction paper (simply Google "Elvis" and you are sure to have plenty of picture options to choose from) and decorate the front with Elvis flair.

Put the party details on the inside, place it in an envelope and try to obtain Elvis stamps for mailing them out.

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Another invitation option for your Elvis birthday party is to fashion the invitations in the shape of a guitar, again using cardstock or construction paper, and use markers or colored pencils to create eye-catching musical instrument invitations.

The back of the guitar can include the time, date and location of the party as well as the name of the Elvis theme birthday guest of honor.

You may need a larger envelope for this type of invitation but it is well worth hunting down bigger envelopes as recipients are certain to love the uniqueness of this invite.

Elvis Birthday Party Decor Ideas

Elvis was known for his flair and style therefore the decorations should be sure to express this uniqueness.

Spread guitar and sequin confetti on the tables and put small floral arrangements with silver accents in the middle of each table.

Create music notes, guitar cutouts and Elvis costume printouts, available via the Internet, to affix to the walls of the party location.

The Elvis costumes can be colored in and adorned with glitter, sequins and rhinestones.

Black, silver and gold are great colors to use throughout the party as these will bring out the Elvis flair which one would expect from an Elvis theme birthday party.

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Elvis Birthday Cakes

There are a few ways to make an Elvis theme cake.

The first is to create a cake with a picture of The King on it. Using photos from the Internet, you can create the perfect edible replica of Elvis by using either a round cake or sheet cake as your starting point.

Frost the cake in a light beige/off-white color and use dark chocolate frosting for the hair. The eyes can be made of licorice jellybeans, raisins or another color of icing.

The nose and mouth can be created using the candy of your choice or again, frosting of varying colors.

By having a picture to go by you can create your cake to look like Elvis as best as you can.

If you wanted to take an easier route, a blue suede shoe cake is another option. Again, you can choose a round cake or sheet cake as the base and use a white or other light color icing for the base icing coat.

Perusing the Internet for a picture of some blue suede shoes may help with creating the shoes out of a vibrant blue icing.

Add the name of the birthday celebrant and some icing music notes interspersed throughout the cake to complete the look.

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Birthday Party Games Elvis Himself Would Love

There are plenty of Elvis-inspired games which you can plan and are sure to be a hit with the partygoers.

The first is the Elvis impersonation game. See who can put on their best Elvis vibe and impersonate The King in the best way. Hand out Elvis prizes to the winners who do the best job.

Some Elvis prizes can include Elvis CDs, Elvis memorabilia or a gift card to a shoe store for the winner to pick out a pair of blue suede shoes (or a shoe style which is a bit more practical).

Another Elvis game you can play is Elvis trivia. If you are not much of an Elvis buff, look up some questions/answers online. Make sure that they are not too difficult as not everyone will know the really difficult Elvis questions, except for maybe the guest of honor.

Name That Song is a game which will never get old, especially if the music is all Elvis songs. Play a few bars from different Elvis songs and have the guests shout out the answers as soon as they know them.

Again, prizes can be handed out to those who get the most songs correct.

Elvis Birthday Food Ideas

Picking out the food for the Elvis birthday party will be simple as you can choose all of Elvis’ favorite foods.

Since he was from the South, he had a taste for good Southern soul food which filled the belly and tasted delicious all at the same time.

Some of Elvis’ favorite foods included the following: meatloaf, steak, cornbread, biscuits and gravy, pork chops, cheeseburgers and milkshakes.

Depending on how large the gathering is, you can choose to have some of these as a sit-down meal or make them into smaller, bite size portions to be eaten as finger food.

For those who are a little more daring with their menu style, one of Elvis’ favorites was the fried peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich... not for the faint of heart but definitely such that it will bring out the true Elvis aspect of the menu.

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If the guest of honor is a big fan of Elvis, why not give them the Elvis birthday party experience that will make their day and prompt them to say, "Thank you, thank you very much."

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