Tasty LEGO Cakes

LEGO party supplies: LEGO block candy makes a great topper for a LEGO birthday cake

You've got the building blocks for a great party if you decide to throw a LEGO Mania bash.

Everyone loves LEGO and if your birthday boy or girl does too, this could be the perfect theme for a fun, memorable party. And you probably already have lots of things to pull it off!

LEGO Cakes Can Be Simple

There are lots of great options for cool lego cakes.

Bake a standard rectangle cake and six cupcakes. Cut the tops off the cupcakes and place them upside down on the cake. Frost the entire thing with a bright colored frosting and it will look like a delectable, edible lego piece.

Or, you can make and frost a rectangular cake, and top it with lego creations your child has made. Scatter legos on the table around the cake. Another idea is to give each child a cupcake with a lego or small lego figure on top that they can keep. We also found these cool LEGO-style block candies. You can build EDIBLE LEGO-style structures on top of the cake and the kids can eat them!

LEGO Birthday ideas: how-to guide

Follow each of these links to learn how to "build" the excitement with this fun birthday party theme.

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