The Best Edible LEGO Ideas

LEGO party supplies: LEGO block candy makes a great topper for a LEGO birthday cake

You've got the building blocks for a great party if you decide to throw a LEGO Mania bash.

Everyone loves LEGO and if your birthday boy or girl does too, this could be the perfect theme for a fun, memorable party. And you probably already have lots of things to pull it off!

LEGO ideas for food

Let LEGO inspire your party menu. Serve Jello cut into LEGO shapes. (Make Jello and pour it into a rectangle baking dish before cutting up.)

For funny JELLO men, use this LEGO MiniFigure ice-cube tray and set JELLO inside it, before turning out onto a plate!

You can find LEGO-shaped candy (see image at top right of page) that you can really build with, and the kids can eat their creations afterwards! The candy is available for sale by the pound from Amazon, so even if you have tons of guests, nobody will go short.

A big sheet pizza topped with large pepperonis carefully arranged to look like a giant lego block would be fun to serve. Rectangles of cheese and crackers would fit the theme, too.

More LEGO food ideas

LEGO party supplies: LEGO minifigure ice-cube tray. Can be used for JELLO as well as ice

LEGO MiniFigure ice-cube tray: fill them with JELLO and turn out for fun, edible LEGO girls and boys!

LEGO party supplies: MiniFigure cookie cutters!

LEGO cookie cutters: create your own LEGO people-shaped baked goods

LEGO birthday party supplies: LEGO Ville napkins

LEGO party supplies: LEGO Ville napkins. And you're going to need something to serve your LEGO food on...

LEGO birthday party supplies: LEGO Ville dessert plates

LEGO party supplies: LEGO Ville dessert plates. Great for snack food. What about drinks?...

LEGO birthday party supplies: LEGO Ville cups

LEGO birthday party supplies: LEGO Ville cups. You've got everything you need to serve your LEGO food!

Here's a full range of LEGO food accessories from Amazon:

LEGO Birthday ideas: how-to guide

Follow each of these links to learn how to "build" the excitement with this fun birthday party theme.

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