Construct your lego birthday party

You’ve got the building blocks for a great party if you decide to throw a LEGO Mania bash.

Everyone loves LEGO and if your birthday boy or girl does too, this could be the perfect theme for a fun, memorable party. And you probably already have lots of things to pull it off!

lego birthday party checklist

Mostly it's boys who love LEGO, but don't overlook the girls! Be sure to plan ahead, because you want to make sure your LEGO party favors and loot bag are suitable for both.

You will need:

  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • A cake or cupcakes
  • Food and drinks
  • Games
  • Loot bags, party favors and maybe a few prizes

We've put together a full list of ideas to help you out!

LEGO Birthday ideas: how-to guide

lEGO Birthday Party Invitations

Invitations set the tone for your party and let everyone know what to expect.

Get cool Lego Birthday Party invitations at

Or make your own unique LEGO Birthday Party Invitations.

Here’s a simple way to create a neat invitation. Hot glue a few LEGO pieces onto a blank white invitation, and fill in the information inside.

Or you can create a fun, easy 3D invitation. Cut a piece of colored card stock into quarters to form four LEGO blocks. Then, cut out six circles for each block, mounting them on the card stock with sticky foam tape to raise them up off the card. Write your information on the back of the card.

Have fun with the phrasing. "We’re building some big birthday fun for John’s 7th birthday!"

Or "Have stacks of fun at Gabrielle's LEGO party!"

LEGO Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Since your birthday boy or girl loves LEGO, use some of their completed projects for decorations. Set them out as centerpieces on your table. You could even print out little cards detailing what the model is, and how long it took to make.

Since most LEGO comes in primary colors, choose one or two colors to decorate with, using bold reds and blues for the table cloth, napkins and balloons.

Why not make giant LEGO blocks to hang on the wall or your door? Take a big piece of cardboard or posterboard and use hot glue or heavy tape to secure pie pans or plastic lids to the board. Spray paint the entire thing in one of your decorating colors to look like a giant lego. Make a bunch of different sizes and shapes.

Or make giant 3D LEGO blocks. Take any size cardboard box, tape it shut and spray paint it. Top it off with matching colored cups as the dots. Make a bunch of them, and scatter them throughout the house as fun decorations.

Find awesome LEGO birthday party decorating ideas at

Tasty LEGO Birthday Party Cake Ideas

LEGO Cakes Can Be Simple

There are lots of great options for cool LEGO cakes.

Bake a standard rectangle cake and six cupcakes. Cut the tops off the cupcakes and place them upside down on the cake. Frost the entire thing with a bright colored frosting and it will look like a delectable, edible LEGO piece.

Or, you can make and frost a rectangular cake, and top it with LEGO creations your child has made. Scatter LEGO blocks on the table around the cake.

Another idea is to give each child a cupcake with a LEGO block or small LEGO figure on top that they can keep.

We found these cool LEGO-style block candies at You can build EDIBLE LEGO-style structures on top of the cake and the kids can eat them!

More cool LEGO birthday cake decorating ideas from!

The Best LEGO Birthday Party Games and Gifts

Thanks to our friends at for these recommendations. 

LEGO games make great gifts!

The craze for LEGO board games refuses to quit. You may not have considered them, but LEGO games make excellent LEGO presents!

Because LEGO is all about being creative, we recommend LEGO Creationary. It's a kind of LEGO Pictionary twist, where instead of drawing a clue, you BUILD it with LEGO! A great party game.

More LEGO board game ideas from

Not convinced? How about choosing from the range of Amazon gift cards? It's not at all a lame option. Kids LOVE to choose their own presents using gift cards -- and Amazon has a superb LEGO selection, great prices and ships everywhere. Top idea!

The Best LEGO Birthday Party food Ideas

LEGO ideas for food

Let LEGO inspire your party menu. Serve Jello cut into LEGO shapes. (Make Jello and pour it into a rectangle baking dish before cutting up.)

For funny JELLO men, use LEGO MiniFigure ice-cube tray and set JELLO inside it, before turning out onto a plate!

You can find LEGO-shaped candy that you can really build with, and the kids can eat their creations afterwards! The candy is available for sale by the pound from Amazon, so even if you have tons of guests, nobody will go short.

A big sheet pizza topped with large pepperonis carefully arranged to look like a giant LEGO block would be fun to serve. Rectangles of cheese and crackers would fit the theme, too.

More LEGO food ideas from

LEGO Games for Your LEGO Birthday Party

LEGO party games

If you know you’re going to have a LEGO party, start looking for supplies early by scouring garage sales and thrift shops for cheap, bulk LEGO blocks. You can also buy big lots of LEGO on eBay.

The day of the party, spread a blanket on the floor and scatter the LEGO blocks for the guests to play with. Give them time for free play as the guests arrive, and then you can play a bunch of group LEGO games.

  • Give the kids five minutes to see who can build the tallest LEGO structure that doesn’t fall over.
  • Give them ten minutes to make a car, or a house or other figure.

Hand out prizes for the coolest, most creative, etc. Let the guests take home what they make!

  • Fill a jar with LEGO blocks and have the kids guess how many are in the jar.

Hand out a prize for the correct answer, or let the winner take the jar home. (Make sure you have bags or loot boxes for the kids to stash their LEGO loot.)

You can make a super easy LEGO pinata out of a narrow rectangular box (like a shirt box)

  • Fill the box with goodies
  • Tape it shut and cut open a flap near the bottom where the candy can come out.
  • Wrap the box in solid colored wrapping paper (like red)
  • Tape on short plastic cups in the same color, to look like LEGO dots
  • Use heavy duty duct tape or packing tape to secure a piece of twine to the box so you can hang it up

Thanks to our friends at for LEGO board game recommendations. Read the reviews then head over to to pick up your favorites for your LEGO birthday party. LEGO games also make great gifts!

Lego Birthday Party Supplies

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