The Best LEGO Party Games

You've got the building blocks for a great party if you decide to throw a LEGO Mania bash.

Everyone loves LEGO and if your birthday boy or girl does too, this could be the perfect theme for a fun, memorable party. And you probably already have lots of things to pull it off!

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LEGO party games

If you know you’re going to have a lego party, start looking for supplies early by scouring garage sales and thrift shops for cheap, bulk LEGO. You can also buy big lots of LEGO on eBay

The day of the party, spread a blanket on the floor and the scatter the LEGO for the guests to play with. Give them time for free play as the guests arrive, and then you can play a bunch of different LEGO games this way.

Give them five minutes to see who can build the tallest LEGO structure that doesn’t fall over. Give them ten minutes to make a car, or a house or other figure. Hand out prizes for the coolest, most creative, etc. Let the guests take home what they make.

Fill a jar with LEGO and have the guests guess how many are in the jar. Hand out a prize for the correct answer, or let them take the jar home. (Make sure you have bags or loot boxes for the kids to stash their LEGO loot.)

You can make a super easy LEGO pinata out of a narrow rectangular box (like a shirt box.) Fill the box with goodies, tape it shut and cut open a flap near the bottom where the candy can come out. Wrap the box in solid colored wrapping paper (like red.) Tape on short plastic cups in the same color, to be the raised lego dots. Use heavy duty duct tape or packing tape to secure a piece of twin to the box so you can hang it.

LEGO board game ideas

If you prefer commercial LEGO entertainment to play at your LEGO birthday party, then these LEGO games will be just the ticket!

Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts game

LEGO Harry Potter Game: Hogwarts: the ONLY LEGO board game for Potter fans!

LEGO board game: Lunar Command

LEGO Board Game: Lunar Command. The best choice for collectors of the LEGO space series

LEGO board game: Pirate Plank

LEGO Board Game: Pirate Plank. ARRR! A great choice of watery game, me matey!

LEGO Birthday ideas: how-to guide

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