The Best LEGO Games and Gifts

LEGO board games make excellent LEGO gift ideas

You've got the building blocks for a great party if you decide to throw a LEGO Mania bash.

Everyone loves LEGO and if your birthday boy or girl does too, this could be the perfect theme for a fun, memorable party. And you probably already have lots of things to pull it off!

Thanks to our friends at BoardgameBeast.com for these recommendations.

LEGO games make great gifts

The craze for LEGO board games refuses to quit. You may not have considered them, but LEGO games make excellent LEGO presents!

Because LEGO is all about being creative, we recommend LEGO Creationary. It's a kind of LEGO Pictionary twist, where instead of drawing a clue, you BUILD it with LEGO! A great party game.

More LEGO board game ideas

Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts game

LEGO Harry Potter Game: Hogwarts: the ONLY LEGO board game for Potter fans!

LEGO board game: Lunar Command

LEGO Board Game: Lunar Command. The best choice for collectors of the LEGO space series

LEGO board game: Pirate Plank

LEGO Board Game: Pirate Plank. ARRR! A great choice of watery game, me matey!

Not convinced? How about choosing from the range of Amazon gift cards? It's not at all a lame option. Kids LOVE to choose their own presents using gift cards -- and Amazon has a superb LEGO selection, great prices and ships everywhere. Top idea.

LEGO Birthday ideas: how-to guide

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