Hawaiian Luau birthday party ideas!

Who doesn't love a luau? With a little imagination you can organize a great bash that will leave your party guests saying “Mahalo!” (That’s thank you, in Hawaiian.)

While you can spend loads of money on an endless supply of decorations (grass skirts, life-sized palm trees, grass umbrellas,) use your imagination and your own supplies for a cheaper option and still have a fabulous party.

Message in a Bottle invitations are a super way to get into the Luau party spirit! More Luau invitation ideas can be found here.

Cook up some Hawaiian sweetness with these ideas for Luau cakes.

Our Luau food ideas will make your party a mouth-watering success. Learn how to spit-roast your own suckling pig, and more!

Looking for fun Luau activities? Then you must check out these cute and hilarious Luau party games!

The best Luau drink recipes will add 'punch' to your party.

hawaiian luau birthday party invitation ideas!

You can get FREE Luau invitations and a FREE Luau Mad Libs game, plus Hawaiian Luau party planning tips, by clicking this link or one of the images below. Cool!

Here’s an idea if you're hand-delivering your Luau invitations. Print out your invitation on a standard sheet of paper. Roll up each invitation and secure with a strand of raffia or some other natural fiber. Slide an unopened paper umbrella under each tie for a fun, tropical feel.

If you're mailing your invitations, cut out surfboards on colorful, heavy card stock (be sure they'll fit in a business-sized envelope.) Write out your invites on the surfboard.

And don't forget to ask everyone to wear their best Hawaiian shirt or Luau party dress. Everyone has one of those in the closet, and they never get the chance to wear them.

Add a touch of tropical flair to your luau by inviting your guests using Message in a Bottle Tropical Invitations.

The set is composed of a dozen kits. Each kit includes a plastic bottle with cork, scroll invitation, mini plastic sunglasses, a little packet of sand, a mini cocktail glass, cocktail umbrella, and mailing label.

The invitations could even serve as party favors afterwards as a reminder of your awesome party.

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hawaiin luau birthday party decorations

Don't break the bank! Luau birthday party decorations can be very affordable if you know where to look.

find affordable luau party supplies at amazon.com! 

luau birthday party cakes!

A pineapple upside cake would be natural for your Luau. But for something a little different, try a sandy beach cake.

Bake a standard 9" x 13" cake.

Cover it with white frosting, and crumble Graham crackers on top of it to make it look like sand. Use blue food color for the water and add edible palm trees or leis or other candies in the shape you like best.

You can scatter candy shells on top, or use a cake topper. We also found these super Shark Gummy Candies that are fun, colorful, affordable and would look great on top of a Luau birthday cake!

decorate your cake the easy way with help from amazon.com

luau birthday party food ideas!

Spearing fruits, veggies or meats on skewers will give your party a Hawaiian feel. Roast or grilled pork would be the perfect nod to a traditional Hawaiian Luau, where an entire pig is roasted in a pit.

And of course you need some pineapples—sliced or even grilled.

Do you have a sno cone machine? Shave ice is a delectable Hawaii treat. (Yes it’s shave ice, not shaved.) It's like a huge snow cone served with tropical syrups and juices.

If you don’t have sno cone cups, just serve them in bowls.

And no one eats more Spam than the Hawaiians. Might be fun to put out a can or two for folks to try.

amazon.com can help you serve up a luau meal to remember!

luau birthday party drink recipes!

We've found some great recipes for top Luau party drinks.

Never fancied yourself as Tom Cruise? Or serving children or teetolalers? Try this fun Hawaiian punch:

Who would have thought that you could capture the essence of Hawaii in a drink? Hawaiian Sun Luau Punch bursts with a refreshing blend of tropical fruit flavors which includes pineapple, guava, papaya, orange and passion fruit.

One order gives you 12 cans of this delicious tropical fruit juice with each can weighing 11.5 fl. oz. They are shipped directly from Hawaii to give you an authentic taste.

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hawaiian luau birthday party games!

We found a fantastic supplier of printable Luau games! There's something for all age groups and a wide range of game styles. Check them out!

Some of our favorites are the Newlywed Questions Game for Luau, a game which is as much fun for the watching "audience" as it is for the actual couples who take part;

a stunning set of Luau Printable Paper Dolls, truly old-style entertainment

and perfectly themed to the party (sure to keep the younger guests busy, as it includes a coloring version as well as a ready-to-go colored edition); and the

Beers of the World Printable Placemats game, which will test the adults while they pack away the Luau food.

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