Monkey pinatas

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(One Stop Birthday Ideas)

Click to buy Monkey pinata from!Click to buy this item from!Monkey pinatas are a great addition to your jungle, wild animal, Dora or Diego theme.

This adorable little chap won't bat an eyelid while your little bundles of joy are beating him mercilessly with sticks. It's a pretty big item, so a larger crowd will have plenty to aim at!

If you prefer a slightly more realistic, banana-eating version, for your Curious George party, then this monkey pinata may suit your needs better.

Speaking of Curious George... If you REALLY want to encourage your kids to hit this evergreen children's character, check out the Monkey Love Pinata. It's not ACTUALLY George (all the "official" ones we found were really poor quality, and we can't recommend them), but it's close enough that your little ones won't be able to tell the difference.

Also it DOES feature a flower in the design. Most boys won't care or even see it, if it's not pointed out to them by a "helpful" older sibling, but most girls will care, and notice, and appreciate it.

Click to buy this item from!

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