Movie parties are a riot!

If you are considering a Movie Party for your birthday then you have come to the right place.Organizing a party for February or March? See: Oscar Party Ideas

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a movie star? Photographers and reporters following your every move, your name in lights and throngs of adoring fans screaming your name.

If so, then a Movie Party theme is definitely the birthday idea for you.

You and your friends will become stars for the day at your movie birthday. You will walk the famous red carpet through a crowd of fans and photographers to an exciting "celebrities-only" private movie screening event held in your honor.

On this page you'll find Movie Birthday Ideas for:
Movie Party Invitations
Activities and Games
Birthday Cakes
Party Food
Movie Party Theme Variations
Ideas for Sibling Involvement

Movie Party Invitations

The right invitation will build excitement and anticipation for your upcoming movie birthday party. Here are some invitation ideas for a movie party.

  • Popcorn Bag with slip out invitation on yellow card stock.
  • Made up newspaper with headline announcing the upcoming "MOLLY AWARDS" (use birthday child's name).
  • Director's Clap Board made from construction paper.

  • Production: Molly's 9th Birthday
    Date: date of the party Scene: "the Arrival - 2:00-4:00PM" (put time of party)
    Director: RSVP to Ann (555)555-5555
  • Movie Ticket.
  • Clipart spotlights on wording "And the winner is..."

Suggested wording: Your presence is requested at a "Celebrities-Only" Champagne Reception in honor of super star Molly's 9th Birthday (use birthday child's name and age). Come dressed to impress your fans and the paparazzi as you walk the red carpet. A private showing of ____________ will follow. No need for personal body guards as security will be tight.

Date: _________ Time: _____________ Place: Molly's private estate (55 Someplace Lane, Some Town) RSVP: to Ann (555)555-5555 or

Movie Party Decorations

Outside Decorations

Decorations start right out your front door. Roll out the red carpet for a dramatic entrance to your Hollywood party. Use a roll of red plastic table cover available at party supply stores. Roll it from your front door right to the street. Line with silver, gold and black balloons at intervals.

Other ideas for outside decorations to set the stage for a super fun movie party.

  • "Celebrities Only" tape available at party supply stores.
  • "Celebrity Limo Parking" signs - make with poster board and place along driveway or street.
  • "AWARDS NIGHT", "And the Winner is..." and/or "Party with the Stars" signs - available at party supply stores or make with poster board and decorate with gold star cutouts

Inside Decorations

Decorations keep the party theme fun. You don't need much. Just a splash here and there to keep the movie party theme going. Here are some suggestions:
  • Directors Clapboards available at party supply stores - scattered about for decoration and used for play.
  • "AWARDS NIGHT", "And the Winner is..." and/or "Party with the Stars" signs - available at party supply stores or make with poster board and decorate with gold star cutouts
  • Silver, Gold and Black balloons.
  • "Celebrities Only" tape available at party supply stores.
  • Movie theme or gold and silver Plates, Napkins, Utensils, Table Covers - available at party supply stores.
  • Life size cutouts of your child's favorite stars - available at party supply stores

Movie Party Activities and Games

Here's a close-up look at the adorable printable movie party games available from Python Printable Games.

Predict the Oscar award winnersBest Director Oscar Award Winners Trivia Celebrity Trivia Hall of Shame

Best Actor Oscar award winnersMeet Your Match acting party gameBest Actress Oscar Award Winners

Oscar Trivia double packLord of the Rings Trivia 

Champagne TriviaScary Synopsis horror movie triviaHot Actors trivia game

Walk the Red Carpet (Kid Favorite!)

Walking the Red Carpet - Movie Party -birthday girl poses for paparazzi and fans If weather permits wait outside until all guests arrive. See Champagne Reception. Then let everyone have a chance to take the famous celebrity walk down the red carpet with all other partygoers acting like screaming fans and crazed paparazzi and reporters vying for the photo opportunity of a lifetime.

Fans: "OMG is that ________?!" "I loved your movie!" "Can I have an autograph?"

Photographers and reporters: "Over here beautiful, just one shot please!" "Who is the designer of your fabulous outfit?" "Is it true that the co-star of your next movie is _____(fill in blank with some gorgeous superstar - Shia LaBeouf, Nick Jonas, etc.)?"

You might invite a few of the parents to stick around for the first 15-20 minutes of the party to help with the role playing. This is tons of fun. The kids really get into it. Make sure you get pictures of each of the stars on their way by. And try to get a group shot of all the celebrities while everyone is still all glammed up. It makes a great thank you.

Note: In winter and inclement weather still use a red carpet outside as a decoration. Make it shorter like 5 to 10 feet - just enough to line the steps or a few feet to the door. It will give the idea of the famous red carpet and set the mood for the fun movie party waiting inside. You can also have a red carpet inside from front door through a room and do the red carpet activity inside. Pick up the plastic carpet after the activity so no one trips on it later.


  • red plastic table cover roll to use as the carpet
  • Play microphone to roll play reporters
  • Real or pretend cameras to roll play photographers - You can get a few disposable cameras relatively cheap and hand out to the kids for super fun candid shots.
  • Balloons (optional but add to the fun)
  • Big Sunglasses - (optional - give away as a party favor)
  • Plastic bling type jewelry - definitely going for over the top look here (optional - give away as a party favor)

Walk of Fame Stars

Walk of Fame Star craft

Nothing says movie party more than your very own Walk of Fame Star. Super easy craft to make. Plus they look great all laid out together for your Walk of Fame. They also make a great party favor. Kids will love to have them for their bedroom doors as a momento of this super fun movie party. If you aren't feeling particularly crafty you can buy some peel and stick ones at a party supply store. The store ones do the trick but aren't nearly as impressive as the handmade ones.

Materials Needed:

  • Rectangular cardboard pieces at least 10"x14" or use Wilton Cake Boards - one for each guest plus birthday star.
  • Grey or rock spray paint.
  • Marble or parchment cardstock to use for stars.
  • Glue gun or craft glue.
  • Glitter glue.
  • Washable black paint for hand prints.
  • paper plate to put the black paint on for handprinting
  • Hand wipes for cleaning up after hand prints


  1. A few days before the movie party. Paint the cardboard with spray paint. If using Wilton Cake Board paint the unfinished (brown) side or the paint won't stick. Let dry. Note: You could also use grey posterboard but the cardboard makes it more impressive if being used as a party favor.
  2. Cut stars out of cardstock. Note: I used PowerPoint and clipart to make stars with child's name in block letters.
  3. Glue stars on cardboard at the top leaving space for the child to leave hand prints.
  4. Outline stars with glitter glue and print each child's name on a star with glitter glue. Allow to dry overnight. You may want to add year - i.e. 2013 - on bottom in glitter glue.
  5. At the party have each child add hand prints below their stars using washable paint on paper plates. Having hand wipes nearby makes cleaning hands a snap.

Champagne Reception (Kid Favorite!)

Kids Champagne Reception - sparkling grape juiceKick off your movie party with a Champagne Reception. Serve sparkling grape or apple juice in plastic flute glasses.

This activity is a huge hit with the kids. They really get a kick out of it.

Fill the glasses ahead of time - they look great all lined up. It makes a nice picture. Have the Champagne Reception outside if weather permits as you wait for all of your guests to arrive for the Red Carpet Activity.

Note: When filling glasses hold onto the plastic flute glasses. Unlike heavier real champagne glasses the plastic ones will be knocked off balance as the juice hits the side of the glass. Silly me thought I could line them all up and pour. You can't. Just pour one at a time in your hand and avoid the mess I was faced with at the last minute.

Materials Needed:

  • Sparkling grape or apple juice.
  • Plastic champagne flutes.

Movie Poster Modeling

This is a free play activity for your movie party. Lay out several disposable cameras for the kids to use or if you are real trusting a video camera. Tell the kids that you, as the movie producer, need pictures from the movies they recently starred in to make movie posters. Then let them go to town posing and play acting while either they or you get some silly shots.

Have play microphones, directors clapboards and crazy props or standup cardboard cutouts of your child's favorite stars. Theme your props to match the movie you are going to show at your movie party. Or just make props a random collection. The more random and silly the better. You can just use items from around the house.

Here are some ideas:

  • If showing Finding Nemo have a snorkel and fins, blow-up fish, kid's fishing rod with no hook or line, net, fisherman's vest/hat, shark's tooth
  • If showing Enchanted have magic wands, princess tiaras, feather boas, pretend poison apples, magic mirror and stuffed animals.
  • If showing a Hannah Montana movie have wigs, head microphones, plastic bling-type jewelry, a stick pony and shopping bags.

Movie Theater

Every movie party needs a movie theater. Hang a white sheet or white plastic table cover to use as a screen. Use a projector and computer to play the movie. Or play it on a TV. Just make sure the the room you use has a movie theater feel. Rearrange the furniture so it all faces the screen.

Throw comfy pillows and blankets on the ground for additional seating. If it is still light outside, black out the windows with some blankets to make it dark like a theater. Then play the movie or awards show.

Make sure to have a concession stand set up with all the usual movie time goodies - Dots, Raisinets, Twizzlers, Milk Duds and, of course, popcorn served in popcorn bags - available at party supply stores.

Cake Time

Movie Star CakeDecorate the cake with a prop Director's clapboard or replicate the Walk of Fame Star on top in icing.

This You're a Star! cake tin is an easy way to inject some theme into the movie birthday cake.

Party Food

movie food

Think concession stand. Pizza, hot dogs and nachos. Popcorn in popcorn bags. Movie Candy - Milk Duds, Dots, Twizzlers, Goobers, Raisinets, etc. Serve water and lemonade out of coolers with spouts. Hang a sign reading "Concessions" over the food service area.

Variations to Movie Theme

Drive-In Movie

For this version of a movie party you will show a movie in a garage or on the side of the house with a projector. Set up seating to mimic a theater feel. Consider a firepit with s'mores as an addition to your Concession Stand offerings. Have kids bring their bikes to the party. Having the bikes around for your Drive-in Movie gives an additional activity for your movie party.

Nickelodeon's "Kids Choice Awards"

This movie party is based on an awards night theme. The actual Kids Choice Awards show is in March each year. It's a really cool kids version of the Oscar Awards - a kids voted on movie awards show. There is a pre-show with Orange Carpet interviews plus an exciting 10 second count down to the Awards Show aired on the Nickelodeon TV Channel. Then the hour long show itself. It makes for a fun kids movie party. Poll your partygoers before the show and see if the party agrees with the winners as they are announced. You can find out who is nominated at

If your child's birthday isn't in March you can still do your own Movie Awards Night by making up your own nominees and categories. At the party announce your winners to cheers and boos. Even add envelope opening and a drum roll for effect. You can run a movie and stop it at 15 minute intervals to announce the next category winner. Poll partygoers when they RSVP or when they first arrive at the party.

To design your own poll. Give 3 or 4 choices for each category and use age appropriate shows, movies and TV channels to determine the nominees.

  • Favorite Male TV Actor
  • Favorite Female TV Actor
  • Favorite Male Movie Actor
  • Favorite Female Movie Actor
  • Favorite Animated Movie
  • Favorite Movie
  • Favorite Song
  • Etc.

NOTE; If using Nickelodeon's Kids Choice theme the carpet for the Red Carpet Activity should be ORANGE in color. Nickelodeon's colors are green and orange so use those colors for balloons and decorations. Plus you should build in some slime, made famous by Nickelodeon. Green slime is totally gross but a hands-down favorite activity for kids. They will love any and all things slime!

Materials Needed:

  • Orange plastic table cover roll for the orange carpet.
  • To make slime use either vanilla pudding or even grosser oatmeal. Add green food coloring to either to get the green color.
  • Make sure to note on your invitations that all party going celebrities should bring a change of clothes for some fun, messy games.
  • Disposable shower caps - one for each child - will make post slime time cleanup easier.

Slime Time Games

Movie and Celebrity Trivia (Kid Favorite!)
This is a fun movie party activity with or without the slime. But the slime adds a level of party excitement that will have your partygoers talking about this party for a long time.

Make multiple choice questions. All questions should be age appropriate and based on stars and movies that kids would know. Break group into two teams. Have one player from each team come up and stand facing their team with their back to the Slime Master. Question is asked. Simultaneously each child puts up the number of fingers corresponding to which answer they think is correct - 1, 2, or 3 fingers. If wrong they get the surprise of slime dumped on their head if correct they stay dry, for now at least. Next person from each team comes up and repeats process. Team with most dry heads wins. This is so much fun. Definitely an outdoor game.

Fill the Container (Kid Favorite!)
Each team stand in a line one behind the other with an arms length distance between each player. A large bucket of slime is at the front of each line. An empty container is at the back of each line. Teams must not move their feet or either container yet fill the back containers with slime from the front. Hands, clothes, etc. may be used as they pass it from one to the next down the line. An absolute blast! Crazy messy but super fun. Hose kids off afterwards and change clothes.

What To Do With Siblings

Siblings are great most of the time. You have someone to play with, a lifelong friend and someone to blame for the wet towel on the bathroom floor. But they can be hit or miss at a party. My advice is get them involved.

With a movie party let them be one of the attending stars or make them Security Detail.

This little brother was hired as security for his big sister's party This birthday girl "hired" Little Brother's Security Company to manage security for her party. A black t-shirt with the word "SECURITY" across the back in fabric paint, a plastic rapper's style necklace and cool shades made a cheap and impressive costume. Her little brother, looking body guard tough here, loved being included in his big sisters Big Day. He also made for a spectacular background prop in pictures.

Long story short - this little brother was thrilled to have a cool role at the party and didn't cause any typical little brother scenes. Remember that your siblings love you and just want to feel a part of the party. Be creative and get them involved. You'll be surprised at how much it can add to your party.