Academy award party ideas: entertainment

Amazing printable games for Oscar Night!

When planning an academy award party, don't overlook entertainment. Your choice of Oscar party games can make or break your evening, so think carefully about what your guests are going to play.

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If the Party is on Oscar Night...

If your Oscar-themed party is arranged for the actual night of the academy awards ceremony (February 27th in 2011), should you have the TV on with the awards in the background?

This is a tricky question. On the one hand, a lot of people love the Oscars and want to see it -- and they will assume that you will want them to watch because, well, it IS an Oscar party! On the other hand, it could become the focus for your party and bring down the mood if everybody is staring at the screen.

We recommend a compromise. Have a side room with the TV on and allow people the option of going to watch if they want it, but keep the main party separate. Alternatively, you can make a focus of the awards by playing this great value academy awards predictions printable game!

Predict the Oscar Winners printable game

It lists all the nominations of every category of award (including all the obscure ones). Print a copy for each guest and they must predict which movie or person will win which award.

As the Oscars are presented, you can check off the scores and award a prize for the person who gets the most correct. Fun! Because it's a printable, simply print more copies if extra guests show up to the party.

For smaller parties, Oscar Trivia games could be a good addition to the mix of entertainment.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

If you're also looking for red carpets as a background to your Oscar party games to make them even more authentic... this brilliant and great value accessory is totally PERFECT for your Oscar party!

15' Red Carpet Runner

Oscar party: Red carpet runner accessory

All you do is unroll the fake red carpet (it's fifteen FEET long!) and secure it using the provided tape.

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