oscar party ideas

Oscar party ideas ideas for a red carpet day!

If you have to organize a birthday party which coincides with the Oscars, what could be a better theme? This is a party that almost plans itself!

With a little imagination, you can host a brilliant Oscar-themed birthday party. We've found Oscar party ideas for games, supplies, recipes and activities which will really make your "star" have a wonderful evening. You can even hold the party on Oscar Night itself and have the TV on in the background for people who want to watch.

oscar party ideas: stick to the theme

The main consideration is sticking to your theme. Think glitz, class, making a fuss of the "star" or stars.

An academy award party is not really a good choice of surprise birthday party, because people need to be 'dolled up' to really stick with the spirit of the event.

If your guest is a woman and you know her size, you could order her a glamorous academy award party costume; part of the fun for them could be a dress-up and makeover from their friends. Girls of ANY age love this kind of attention!

Decoration, food and drink and your choice of entertainment should all stay true to the theme of a night on the red carpet.

oscar party ideas for decorations and supplies

There are dozens of fun and fabulous products to make your Oscar party night a big success. We've collected a few of the best together here for you.

Decoration, food and drink and your choice of entertainment should all stay true to the theme of a night on the red carpet.

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All you do is unroll the fake red carpet (it's fifteen FEET long!) and secure it using the provided tape. A really great idea and a superb price, too!

When your star or starlet arrives, what could be a more appropriate way to dedicate the party to them than their very own "Walk of Fame" star?

You simply peel off the backing and stick it down. You could even frame the star if you want to make it a special gift to remind the party boy or girl of their special night!

These are so affordable you could even create a walk of fame in your home and put a star for every guest.

A statuette is not only perfect for your Oscar theme, it's hilarious. They have one for guys or girls. See our Oscar party games and entertainment page for ways to use this as a prop in a fun party game!

It's the closest most people get to receiving their own Oscar. We think this is a brilliant value item.

Another terrific value accessory which can be presented as the guest of honor arrives is a VIP pass.

There are loads of ways to use this, but we recommend preparing it in advance and putting it around the neck of the birthday guy or gal as they enter the party! It sets the tone perfectly and stays on theme.

oscar party ideas for serving up the treats

A party's not complete without food. Obviously if you're on a tight budget, one of the first places you can save money is by using plain paper plates and plastic cups. But if you can push the boat out to themed flatware and accessories, then the payoff will be an even better themed look!

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oscar party ideas for costumes

What to wear to an Oscar party? Probably most people will choose to simply dust off their best evening wear (assuming it still fits!) and shine up their high heels. Add glam make-up and a cute purse and you're ready to party! Men can wear their best suits.

For other people, a party's not a party without costumes and accessories. We've put together some great ideas here.

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oscar party ideas for games and entertainment

When planning an academy award party, don't overlook entertainment. Your choice of Oscar party games can make or break your evening, so think carefully about what your guests are going to play.

If your Oscar-themed party is arranged for the actual night of the academy awards ceremony, should you have the TV on in the background?

This is a tricky question. On the one hand, a lot of people love the Oscars and want to see it -- and they will assume that you will want them to watch because, well, it IS an Oscar party! On the other hand, it could become the focus for your party and bring down the mood if everybody is staring at the screen.

We recommend a compromise. Have a side room with the TV on and allow people the option of going to watch if they want, but keep the main party separate. Alternatively, you can make a focus of the awards by playing this great value academy awards predictions printable game!

It lists all the nominations of every category of award (including all the obscure ones). Print a copy for each guest and they must predict which movie or person will win which award.

As the Oscars are presented, you can check off the scores and award a prize for the person who gets the most correct. Fun! Because it's a printable, simply print more copies if extra guests show up to the party.

For smaller parties, Oscar Trivia games could be a good addition to the mix of entertainment.

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