Buy Pinata Games: One-Stop Buyer's Guide

Pinatas can be used for almost any party, but they are a real "hit" for birthday parties! We have rounded up the very best in pinata ideas and pinata designs for you.

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Themed pinatas

These awesome pinata ideas will fit your chosen birthday theme to a T!
Darth Vadar pinata!

Darth Vadar pinata - use the Force!

Monkey pinata!Monkey head pinata!

Monkey pinatas - two cheeky chimps!

Cupcake pinata!

Cupcake pinata - a "tasteful" choice

Mickey Mouse pinata!Mickey Mouse pinata!

Mickey pinatas - choice of two

Bull pinata!Yellow Ducky pinata!

Cheap pinatas - but no compromise of quality or service!

Found a pinata that we've missed?

This page is a work in progress. For sure, we've missed YOUR favorite pinata ideas! If so, please send us a little write-up of the best pinatas for sale online here.

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