Decorating a Pirate Birthday

Your pirate party decorations should let your friends know they are in for the party of a lifetime.

Pirate Party Decorations

Outside Decorations Get your pirate pals shaking in their boots on their way to the door of your pirate birthday party.

pirate ship

Set the stage for your birthday party by starting your pirate party decorations right out your front door.

Make signs with pirate sayings like those that follow. Place on stakes or hang at intervals along your driveway and walkway. You can use whatever you have around the house to make the signs on - old pieces of wood with hand-painted letters or brown poster board decorated to look like wood planks. The more rustic the better.

Ideas for Pirate Sayings and Pictures:

  • Skull and Cross Bones pictures

  • "Dead Men Tell No Tales"

  • "Beware: PIRATES ONLY - All Others Walk The Plank"

  • "Enter at Yer Own Peril"

  • "Ye Be Warned: Pirates Be Operatin' In These Waters"

  • "Keep Out - This Means You Matey"
pirate party decorations - pirate flag

Cover your door with a Pirate Flag.


  • Black poster board

  • White paint or silver glitter glue

  • White paper

  • Glue - if you choose to use cutouts to decorate your flag.


  1. On the black poster board either paint or glue white paper cutouts to make a skull and cross bones emblem of your own design.

  2. Leave room at the top of the flag to put the name of your ship.

  3. Name your ship a cool pirate name like the Jolly Smith -- the Jolly [last name of b-day child] is always a good pirate sounding name.

  4. Or make it a Pirates of the Caribbean theme and name your ship the Black Pearl.

  5. Paint the name of your ship above the skull and cross bones emblem.

  6. Soak a piece of white paper in coffee and let dry. On it hand-print:

    Captain Tim [use first name of b-day child] says "Come Aboard if Ye Dare".

  7. Hang it on the door near your Pirate Flag to add to your pirate party decorations.

pirate party - decorations - pirate's parrot

Additional outside pirate party decorations are to use skeletons and plastic gold filled trunks. Place a chest of gold plastic coins and jewelry beside a plastic skeleton dressed like a pirate (eye patch, bandana and sword).Give him a fake parrot on his shoulder.

He'll make a fearsome welcome to your pirate birthday party placed on your porch or next to your door.


  • Plastic skeleton(s) - available at party supply stores and Halloween stores

  • Red or black bandana, eye-patch and plastic sword or hand hook

  • Fake parrot.

  • Small chest or box filled with plastic gold pieces and jewels. If using a box either paint it black or drape black fabric over the box before your fill it.

Inside Decorations

Decorations keep the party theme fun. You don't need much. Just a splash here and there to keep the pirate birthday party theme going. Here are some pirate theme suggestions:

  • Pirate signs make pirate saying signs to hang throughout the party area. Click her for directions on how to make pirate signs.
  • Display some pirate booty. Use small chests or boxes painted black and fill with plastic gold and jewels. Scatter these about.
  • A pirate clad skeleton or two sitting about make for great decoration
  • A Pirate Plank - have a piece of wood with the word "the plank" painted on it laying on the ground. The kids will have fun walking on it and you'll be using it later for a Walk the Plank activity.
  • Balloons. Red and Black work best here. You'll even find some large pirate themed choices at your party supply store.
  • Use pirate theme or red & black plates, napkins, utensils, table covers - available at party supply stores.

Host the perfect Pirate Party!

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