Pirate parties: GRUB!

Pirate Party snacks should have fearsome pirate sounding names. Here are some ideas:

Monkey Brains

Well that sounds down right nasty doesn't it? Perfect pirate grub!

Hollow out a pumpernickel loaf and fill with veggie dip of your choice. Using two toothpicks, attach two halves of a green pepper as "ears". Use two cherry tomatoes as eyes and an olive as a nose.

Surround the monkey's head with carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, green pepper slices and the bread for dipping into the brains!

Set Adrift Survival Rafts

So you've angered the pirate captain and he has set you adrift in the middle of the ocean. What are you going to do now?

A clever pirate can fashion a raft out of anything on hand to make it back to civilization. Here you'll use Graham crackers with a smear of peanut butter, marshmallow fluff or cream cheese.

Let the kids fill their raft with their choice of mini marshmallows, M&M's, raisins, grapes and other fruit pieces.

Sea Dogs and Kelp Patties

(Hot Dogs and Hamburgers). Easy AND on theme!

Pirate's Blood

Serve Pirate's Blood as your grog: mix red fruit juice with Sprite or 7Up. For health-conscious pirate mommies who shudder at the thought of little pirates hyped up on soda, substitute this idea with club soda and a natural fruit juice, like pomegranate or cherry.

Host the perfect Pirate Party!

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