The Best Pirate Invitation Ideas

Creative pirate invitations build excitement and anticipation for your upcoming pirate birthday party!

Pirate Invitation Ideas

An original pirate poem penned on burnt parchment is a great invitation idea for a pirate party.

  • Use parchment paper or soak some white paper in coffee and let dry.
  • Then print the following pirate poem on it.
  • Ahoy matey! Ye be invited to
    Captain ________'s Birthday Party!

    Come be a pirate! That ye shall be!
    Ye shall sail a ship upon the sea!
    Ye shall hunt for treasure buried deep!
    And in a chest the booty ye shall keep!
    Ye might swab a deck or walk a plank!
    If there be grog, it be me ye thank!

    Ye be letting me First Mate, Mary, know
    if it's Aye! or No! for ye to show (555)555-1234

    We be settin' sail on the Jolly (last name of b-day child)
    Sat. the 20th of July.
    Meet yer crew mates at:
    Latitude: 167
    Longitude: River Street
    That be 167 River Street for ye land lubbers.

    Tell yer ma to drop ye off at 2:00PM and to be
    comin' back for her little bilge rat at 4:30PM


  • Carefully burn the edges with a match.
  • Adults ONLY should do the burning and please be very careful.
  • When burning the edges of the paper hold it over a basin of water for a quick extinguish should you need it.

This creates fun and original-looking pirate party invitations. No two are alike!

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