rev up your engines for a rip-roaring racecar birthday party!

Start with race cars—and finish with a fantastic party. There are lots of fast and easy ways to thrill your race car lover on his birthday.  It doesn’t matter if he's into Match Box cars, Hot Wheels or Nascar; these party ideas will work for any child who loves fast cars. So ladies and gentleman—start your party!

racecar birthday party invitations

You can have a lot of fun with the wording for this invitation. Invite your guests to race on over as the birthday boy celebrates Lap 8 (or whatever age he will be.)  

Or tell them to Rev up for a great time!

For the invitation, create a “race program” detailing the birthday events, location, time etc.  Print out the details on card stock. 

Lay it out so that it takes up ¼ of the page. Cut them out, punch a hole in the top and attach to a string or a lanyard so it looks like a pit pass. 

Ask your guests to bring it to the party. You can personalize each invitation with the guest’s name on the back, so it can double as a name tag at the party.

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racecar birthday party decorations

You can keep the decorations simple, sticking with the black and white colors of the racing flag as your theme.  So, use black and white balloons, plates, tablecloths and napkins (hopefully some of these things you already have.)

Buy a string of checkered flags to hang in your doorways. You and your child can have fun creating cardboard traffic signs, such as Go, Stop, and Speed Limit signs. 

Make a big one that says Jack’s Racing Team, (using the birthday kid’s name.) 

Paint a big “Start” sign to hang over your door to greet your guests. If you’re really feeling adventurous, spray paint an oval racetrack on your front yard to set the scene. (And the kids can race around it later.)

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racecar birthday party cake ideas

You can have a lot of fun with the cake for this party.  Bake two round cakes and set them next to each other so they’re touching.  Cover them with green frosting, then use black, white and yellow frosting to create a figure eight racetrack. 

Place toy cars on the track and any other little signs or toys that would finish the look. 

Or, you can bake a rectangle cake and frost it with black and white checks to look like a racing flag. Cut out long strips of paper, and lay them out like a checkerboard on the cake to help you frost it. 

Another option is to make cupcakes for each guest and set a racecar on top that they can keep and take home as a favor.

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racecar birthday party game ideas

Greet your guests by laying out the birthday boy’s collection of cars and race track sets to play with while you wait for everyone to arrive. 

Later, get everyone in a circle to play “pass the keys”—a fun version of hot potato. Consider buying cool play keys and let the winner keep them as a prize. 

The kids will love playing “Race to build your car.”  Give each child an empty shoe box or tissue box that you have painted white, or covered with white paper. Set up stations in your house or outside, with the appropriate craft materials and tools to make their car. 

They’ll stop at each pit station to add pieces (cut-up construction paper or foam sheets:) the tires, steering wheel, headlights and the grill. Arrange it so that the group is divided up to start at the different stations, so they’re not all mobbing the first stop. 

Whoever finishes decorating their car first, wins. Afterward, they can spend some time detailing their car with stickers, crayons and markers. 

For another craft activity, give each child a big sheet of paper, or even better, a rug sample (often sold cheaply at your local flooring store.)  They can paint their own race track on the rug or paper to take home and use with their cars.

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racecar birthday party food

Set up a “fuel station” for the food.  You can make a sign that says “Fill you gas tank here” and hang it over the table. 

Make place cards for each food: a bowls of oreos are tires, M&M’s are headlights, circle pretzels are steering wheels, dip can be the lube. Make a batch of punch and call it “birthday fuel.” 

Set out burgers and buns and all the fixings and let the kids assemble their own “Raceway Burgers.” has everything you need to serve your feast

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