safari birthday party ideas

A safari themed birthday party will go over well for children of any age, whether they are five, ten, fifteen, or even fifty. The amount of variety that you can have with one of these themes offers something fun for everyone. The best part about a safari theme is that they can also be a bit educational!

safari birthday party ideas: invitations

The invitation to your safari party should set the tone. So, why not create a birthday party passport for each of your guests?

These are simple to make and you can be as creative as you want to be with them. Take card stock and fold it in half. On the front, draw or have an image printed on them that looks like a picture frame and add the words: Add Photo Here.

On the inside of the invitation, mention that they are invited to a Once-in-a-Lifetime safari and this is their passport to the incredible voyage. As an added bonus, you can create a map of the ‘locations’ your guests will visit.

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safari birthday party ideas: decorations

Try these safari birthday ideas to set the tone.

If you have a house with a yard, use both of them to build your amazing jungle safari. Use colorful streamers to create ‘vines’ of the jungle wrapping around as many fixtures as possible.

Create lions and other animal tracks throughout your house and out into the yard. Hang posters of wild animals throughout your home and if you have a sound system, pick up a CD of jungle sounds and play it on a loop.

If you have access to some bamboo you can build a tiki hut outside. If not, use cardboard instead.

Add a few torches, but don’t light them! Ask friends and family to borrow as many stuffed animals as possible and scatter them throughout your house and outside.

Lastly, you can create a sign with handwritten locations and estimated ‘distances’ to them.

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safari birthday party ideas: the cake!

Ah, the birthday cake. Which kind of cake you choose will certainly depend on the age of the guest of honor.

You can create a lion or a tiger cake, which will be in the shape of the animal. Of course, the tiger will take a little more time to create due to the stripes, but either one will be a hit at the party.

You can also simplify by using a standard birthday cake and adding fake palms and using green icing to add some jungle growth to cover it all up.

You can even use candles as small torches to light the way through the jungle!

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safari birthday party ideas: games

Games, just like the birthday cake itself, will depend on the age of your birthday guests. here are a few safari birthday party ideas for games you could play.

To keep it simple for all ages, you can play a game of jungle charades. In this game, your guests will receive index cards with different jungle animals on them, such as lions or rhinoceros, or a giraffe, and your guests will break off into teams.

Each team will have one member at a time act out what animal they have on their card. The rest of the team will have to guess the correct animal. For added difficulty for your older guests, you can limit them to one guess.

Another game that’s fun for all ages is called the Hungry Lion. This is a variation of the tried and true game of tag and hide-and-seek.

In this game, choose two people to be lions and the rest of your guests are antelopes. When the lions are ready to go out on their hunt, they call out ‘Feeding Time!’

They then seek out their prey. A good idea is to have your lions be adults and the children all antelopes. is a great source for jungle games

safari birthday party ideas for food

With a safari party theme, there are many different foods that can be tasty and fun. Some of these include:

  • Ostrich eggs (you can either use hard boiled or scrambled eggs –not ostrich, of course, but chicken).
  • Wild hogs in a blanket (hot dogs cooked in dough).
  • Jungle logs (celery sticks about six inches long filled with peanut butter –but be aware of any peanut allergies among your guests).
  • Gummy worms and animal crackers are simple solutions to add to your menu to build upon the safari them. You can even hide small packages of these throughout your home jungle for younger kids to find.
  • Unshelled peanuts (again, be aware of any peanut allergies among your guests).
  • Anything banana-related. Monkeys and gorillas absolutely love bananas and so will your guests, especially if they are part of a banana split!

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