Spa cakes should not be a stressful project

A Spa Birthday Cake can be really fun to make. A truly fantastic spa birthday party needs a great cake.

Chocolate Face Mask Cake

Remember the Chocolate Face Mask from the spa party activities and games. Here you make a cake that honors this decadent spa treatment.

Cut a large oval from a sheet cake. This will be the face. Decorate with chocolate frosting. Place two slices of cucumber where the eyes should be or use lime gel candies to represent the cucumbers. Using the left over cake place a piece where the nose should go and frost with chocolate frosting. Use red or pink frosting to make the lips. Using spray whipped cream make the towel on the top of the head or let chocolate frosting harden some and use an actual small clean towel.

Note: If you don't like chocolate then color vanilla frosting green and call it a Sea Weed Wrap Cake.

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