Decorating a Spa birthday party should not be a hassle

Your spa party decorations should let your friends know they are in for the night of their lives as they make their way to the door.

Use the ideas below and decorating for your spa birthday party is easy.

Spa Party Decorations

Outside Decorations

Set the stage for your spa birthday party by starting your decorations right out your front door.

Make a glittery sign for your spa. Place on doorway. You can even make "parking for Hathaway Spa" signs (use name of your spa on the signs) to put on stakes and have along road or driveway.

Materials Needed:

  • Colored poster board

  • White paint or silver glitter glue

  • Clipart images of flowers, nail polish, shoes and handbags

  • Glue - if you choose to use cutouts to decorate your sign.

  1. On the poster board use either paint or glitter glue to print the name of your spa in the center.

  2. Name your spa a cool spa name like the Hathaway Spa -- the last name of b-day child with SPA after is always a good spa sounding name.

  3. Or make it something relaxing like Whispering Winds Spa & Retreat.

  4. Leave room around the edges to put spa images - either paint them or glue on pictures.

Additional ideas for outside spa party decorations are to hang pink, green and white balloons on mail box and along walkway. You could also decorate the driveway with chalk pictures of flowers and "Welcome to Hathaway Spa" "you're steps away from total relaxation".

  • Balloons in pink, green and white (or any color pallette of your choosing)

  • Chalk

Inside Decorations

Decorations keep the party theme fun. You don't need much. Just a splash here and there to keep the spa birthday party theme going. Here are some spa theme suggestions:

  • Spa signs - make signs with spa-like sayings in silver glitter glue on colored paper to hang throughout the party area.
Relax Live, Laugh, Love Kindness H2O = Life
Live Green Everyone is Beautiful Nature Rocks Girl Power
Vow to giggle every day. People who forgive have less wrinkles. Dare to Dream Wish
  • Scatter fresh flower arrangements around the room.
  • Consider burning scented candles but be very careful around open flames.
  • Display some spa essentials. Use mirrors, nail polish and brushes as you would any other decorating item.
  • Balloons & Streamers in pink, green and white (or any color palette of your choosing)
  • Use spa theme or pink & green (or other color palette of your choosing) plates, napkins, utensils, table covers - available at party supply stores.

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