Spa birthday parties can be complex

This Spa To-Do List is a must before the pampering and beauty of this luxurious spa birthday party evening starts. You need to do a few things first.

  • A day or two before the spa birthday party prep all your ingredients for your beauty treatments and spa party games. This is tons of fun. Get a sibling or friend to help and make a mini pre-party out of the event.
  • spa birthday party towels
  • Designate an area of your house as the spa. It should have access to a bathroom or sink.
  • Cover the floor and any fabric furniture with blankets or sheets in case something spills.
  • Have a lot of towels on hand.
  • Optional on Spa To-Do List: Have a throw away plastic hair cover for each girl - available at beauty supply stores in bulk.
  • Time for Spa Party Decorations. Dim the lights or exchange regular bulbs for lower wattage for a relaxed atmosphere. Consider burning scented candles but be very careful with open flames.
  • Play sounds of nature or soothing music in the background.
  • Hang a sign with the name of your spa. Make it with poster board and glitter glue.
  • Depending on the number of people attending your party you may want to set up stations so a few girls can get treatments at the same time. Decide whether your guests will help out in giving each other treatments or enlist a few adults to act as spa specialists. Maybe a good job for a sibling.
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