sports party ideas for a sporting good time

For a preteen or teen birthday the best of sports party ideas is to have a Birthday Tailgate Party.

Whether you are attending the Big Game in person, watching it on TV or just hosting the ultimate grudge match between friends a tailgate party is the tops of sports party ideas.

Here you'll find the best party ideas for sports party invitations, sports party games, sports party food and much more.

It's all right here to plan the perfect birthday tailgate party.

sports party ideas for invitations

The first thing you need to do is let all your friends know about your spectacular birthday party plans.

The right invitation will build excitement and anticipation for your upcoming sports theme birthday party. A fabulously creative idea for sports birthday party invitations is to make faux sporting event tickets with all the party information on them.

Another idea is to send your guests an official looking letter from the NFL or MLB or Olympic Committee informing them that they have been drafted (or selected) to the Patriots, Red Sox, Wimbeldon or the Olympic team. Whatever works for your sport of choice.

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sports party ideas for decorations

Sports party ideas for decorating. Let your friends know they are about to enter an area of extreme fan support.

Since a tailgate works best outside (weather permitting) your tailgate area will be the party area. Decorate your driveway or patio with your team's colors and insignias. Make sure to include a few hand made fan signs. " 'D' with a drawing of a fence". "Go Team!" Etc.

More sports party ideas: If you're hosting a friendly grudge match between friends make sure to have an area of play set up and some sort of official looking score board.

Use fabric paint and two color shirts to make "US" and "THEM" team shirts. If you want put nicknames and numbers on the back of the shirts for added fun.

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sports party ideas for games and activities

Now on to the fun! Entertaining your sports enthusiast friends at this party is super easy.

A real tailgate has superb food, the pre-game show on a radio or TV and usually some fun skill based games.

If you are going to a high school or other event that has no pre-game show then play a recording of the team's previous game or put on a professional or college game of the same sport.

As you enjoy your tailgate feast you can use these sports party ideas - toss around some footballs, baseballs or frisbees. Set up a Washer Toss game, golf putt into a cup or horseshoe toss.

After the food it's on to the main event. Go to the Big Game, watch it on TV or play your own game.

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sports party food ideas

The food at a birthday tailgate party plays a central role. Typically the menu includes items that can be served cold or easily prepared on a small portable grill.

If you are having a driveway tailgate you have the added luxury of access to electricity (and of course indoor bathrooms).

Keeping in the spirit of a tailgate, you'll want to spark up the grill or run an extension cord outside for a crock pot of chili or pulled pork.

Here are some ideas:

  • Ballpark Dog - Nothing says baseball like the good ole hot dog.
  • Create a Pizza - Buy mini pizza crusts or use English muffins, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. Let guests make their own pizzas topped with any toppings of their choosing.
  • Let kids use food color pens (available in cake decorating aisle of grocery store) to decorate any number of foods - cookies, crackers, toast for sandwiches, apple slices, hot dog rolls, etc.

Serve a variety of juices mixed in with seltzer water. You'll be surprised at how tasty this soda replacement is.

It's also fun to have a keg of rootbeer. You can usually order these from your local liquor store with a few days notice. sells a 5 liter party keg of Virgil's Rootbeer and plenty of other cool party supplies

sports party ideas for cake

A cake for a sports theme birthday party can be as simple as putting a team insignia on a cake or as fun as using a specialty cake pan to make a football shaped cake.

You can always frost the top to look like the playing field and use plastic figures for the players.

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variations to the theme

Superbowl Party - Time your party to coincide with the Superbowl or World Cup Soccer or the Olympic Opening Ceremonies or even the World Tractor Pull Championships.

The list of sporting events is endless. Find one you're interested in and theme your sports party around it. See if you can serve food from the country or states of the participating athletes.

Sports Theme Sleepover - After the tailgate birthday activities above have your friends sleepover. Watch a sports theme movie like "Remember the Titans" or "Bend It Like Beckham" or "Miracle on Ice".

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what to do with siblings

 Siblings are great most of the time. You have someone to play with, a lifelong friend and someone to blame for the wet towel on the bathroom floor. But they can be hit or miss at a sports theme birthday party.

My advice is to get them involved. Let them help prep the menu items with you then have a friend take them out to a movie during your party.

Or if they are staying let them participate in the party as any other guest. Maybe they like to dress up so let them dress as a sports player or a cheerleader or even a referee and be a helper. Remember they love you and just want to be involved.

Now go out and plan a super birthday tailgate party.

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