Tailgate party food should be simple and plentiful!

Sports party food should be fun and traditionally served at sporting events.

Party Food

Here are some ideas:

Ballpark Dog - Nothing says baseball like the good ole hot dog.

artist birthday party - artist cartoon

Create a Pizza - Buy mini pizza crusts or use English muffins, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. Let guests make their own pizzas topped with any toppings of their choosing.

Let kids use food color pens (available in cake decorating aisle of grocery store) to decorate any number of foods - cookies, crackers, toast for sandwiches, apple slices, hot dog rolls, etc.

Serve a variety of juices mixed in with seltzer water. You'll be surprised at how tasty this soda replacement is.

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Now go out and plan a super birthday tailgate party.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions or with any additional ideas. We are always searching the planet for the most unique party ideas. And please check back in and let us know how spectacular your night was!