totally tea-riffic tea birthday party ideas

Every little girl loves to have a grown-up tea party.  Whether it’s for a birthday or just a fun get-together, you can easily throw a lovely event for your little ladies (and young gents, if you’re inviting boys.)  Tea parties are all about being fancy.  So, think elegant and special, and you should be able to arrange a perfect party quite easily.

tea birthday party ideas: invitations

Use a paper doily as a fancy invitation. Just write your information on the solid center of the doily (or print it out on copy paper, then cut that out and glue it to the center of the doily.) 

If you use a traditional invitation, make it special by taping a sealed tea bag onto your invitation. (Since your party is for children, you might want to stick to herbal teas for your event, as they have no caffeine.) 

If you don’t have enough tea cups to go around, make a note in the invitation for the girls to bring a tea cup from home. 

Or, check out your local thrift shop. You should be able to pick up some quite cheap, and then let the girls take them home. 

And be sure to ask the girls to dress in their very best. This is a formal occasion, after all.

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tea birthday party ideas for decorations

This is the time to bring out your fine tablecloths and silverware. Fill your crystal vases with flowers and scatter them around the party area. 

You can set the mood by dressing in formal wear to serve the girls. Does daddy have a nice suit or tux he could wear to be their waiter? Do you have a fancy dress to wear as their hostess?

Put on some classical music to let them know this is a special event. Bring out the linen napkins if you have them. Look for instructions on the internet for ideas on napkin folding.

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tea birthday party ideas for cakes

A pound cake or bundt cake sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar would be a simple, elegant cake to serve with tea. But if your guests want a typical frosted cake, make 2 square cakes of any flavor. 

Cover them with white frosting, then, crumble up some Oreo’s and sprinkle this mixture over ¾ of the cake, as if the square was a tea bag. 

Attach a piece of yarn or heavy string to a square of paper and attach this to the cake to complete the appearance of a tea bag.

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tea birthday party ideas for games

Leave some time for the party guests to play a few games. 

  • Make up an etiquette guessing game. Find out if the girls know what to do with their napkin when they leave the table. 
  • Where do you put your fork when you’re done with it? 

Award a prize to the guest who answers the most questions correctly.

Oolong?  Rooibos? Darjeeling?  Are these teas or are you teasing? 

Create a list of real teas and a few make believe brews to test your guests. 

Do you have fancy gloves, hats, boas or other fun accessories the girls could choose to wear for the party? This would be a fun way to greet the girls when they arrive. 

And be sure to take a picture of the girls all gussied up. Printing them out in black and white will give them a nice, old-fashioned look, providing a wonderful keepsake for your tea party.

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tea birthday party ideas for food

Little girls feel very grown up trying real tea (even if they don’t drink much of it.) There are many great herbal varieties to choose: 

  • Chamomile is quite mild
  • Apple-Cinnamon has a nice familiar fruity flavor
  • Blueberry is also very tasty

But you may want to put out some special juices or fruit punch in case your young guests don’t like the tea after trying it. 

Leave a selection of tea bags out for the girls to choose from before making a whole pot that no one likes!

Tea parties call for fancy food, and taking care to present your food in a special way makes any goodie look good. Make finger sandwiches out of peanut butter and jelly, cucumbers and cream cheese, and some with just honey. 

Cut off the crust and slice the sandwiches into small pieces, or use a cookie cutter to cut them into fancy shapes. For a treat that’s beautiful and sweet, take a bunch of red grapes, run them under water and sprinkle them with granulated sugar. 

Put them in the freezer for at least an hour. They’ll take on a beautiful frosted look, and they’re yummy to eat. Put out any other snack your girls would like in fancy crystal bowls, or the old china and silver you never use. is a great source for inexpensive supplies that will make your party extra special

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