wiggles birthday party ideas

A wiggly, giggly time awaits when your child's birthday party is themed after The Wiggles.

With The Wiggles and their friends, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog, and Henry the Octopus, planning this party couldn't be easier or more fun. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

wiggles birthday party invitations

Make your own invitation using Wiggles-colored craft paper. Decorate the front of the card with Wiggles stickers and put the following invitation rhyme and party details on the inside.

We're having a party
The theme is The Wiggles
We'll have food and fun
And a whole lot of giggles
We want you to come
We hope you'll be able
'Cause we're saving a seat
At (child's name) birthday table

Make a birthday invitation flyer with The Wiggles photo copied from the Internet printed on the top. Below that, type your party information using red, blue, yellow and purple font coloring for each line or section of your invitation.

Ask all the guests to wear a Wiggles color outfit.

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wiggles birthday party decoration ideas

Cover your front door with a poster of The Wiggles. If you want, have a photo of the birthday child blown up and affix that to the poster as well. 

Drape your party space walls with Wiggles-colored tablecloths. Use straight pins to hold up the cloths and they won't leave noticeable holes.

Fill a corner with red tissue paper roses with green stems for Dorothy's Garden.

Cut out fish shapes from craft paper and attach to the walls and hang seashells and twist green crepe paper (seaweed) from the ceiling in another corner for "Henry's Ocean."

Set up another corner with all sorts of toy musical instruments.

Build a child-size table with books or bricks to hold a plywood sheet and cover it with a Wiggles tablecloth. You can find child-size chairs in red, blue, yellow and/or purple at many dollar stores.

Don't forget to add lots of Wiggles-colored balloons to the party space as well.

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wiggles birthday party food ideas

Instead of having fruit salad in bowls, cut up bite-sized bananas, apples, grapes and melons and insert onto cocktail straws or sturdy coffee stirrers. (Pour a little lemon juice on the apples and bananas to keep them from turning brown.) Serve inside a Styrofoam cooler decorated like Henry's treasure chest.

Make a cold spaghetti pasta salad. Toss with a sweet Thousand Island or Thai peanut sauce (peanuts and pasta – yummy, yummy!)

Bake "hot potato" fries.

Prepare lime Jell-O with yellow cake decorating dots set inside and use a dinosaur cookie cutter to cut out Dorothy-style shapes. Or, make up Jell-O cubes in the Wiggles colors.

Cut whole wheat bread with a dog bone cookie cutter for finger sandwiches with your choice of fillings.

Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes are a must.

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wiggles birthday party fun and games

Make Wag's doghouse out of cardboard boxes and leftover paint. Cut out holes in the sides and roof for a bean bag toss. For no-sew bean bags, fill the foot portion of a child's sock (preferably in Wiggles colors) with beans and knot the top.

Find a poster of your child's favorite Wiggles character (or have a photo you've found blown up into poster size). Depending on the character, then you can cut the proper game piece out of construction paper and play "Pin the…

  • tail on Dorothy
  • hat on Henry
  • patch on Captain Feathersword
  • tongue on Wag

It can't be a Wiggly Party without The Wiggles, so pop in a DVD or VHS and let the kids dance and sing along with Anthony, Murray, Sam and Jeff.

Play "Sleep Jeff" – a variation on freeze tag. Instead of "freezing" (standing still) the person who is tagged goes to sleep. They can only be awakened by a non-sleeping child.

Let the birthday child be the first one to be "it" and try to put the other children to sleep. This game works best outdoors or if there's lots of room for the kids to run around. The last one "awake" wins.

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wiggles birthday party cake ideas

Smaller children will appreciate mini-cupcakes decorated with red, blue, yellow and purple icing that's been tinted with food coloring. These can be laid out to spell the birthday child's name, their birthday age or The Wiggles.

Or they can be stacked up onto a tiered cake or candy plate with the top cupcake reserved for the birthday girl or boy.

The cupcakes can also be decorated with sprinkles, Wiggles-colored M&Ms or an edible dinosaur, dog, and/or an octopus. Put birthday candles into all of the cupcakes with a candle marking the birthday child's age at the top on their special cupcake.

Make a sheet cake in your child's favorite flavor. Cut it out into the shape of a long-sleeved shirt like The Wiggles wear. Frost the cake in the color of your birthday child's favorite Wiggle and pipe on your birthday wish.

Or use licorice strings to write out your child's name.

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